SP: Recommended restaurants

Rinconcito Peruano: Great, authentic and cheap Peruvian food. I recommend the salmon ceviche and the seafood rice. Don’t be scared by the shabby neighbourhood, the food is absolutely worth it! We paid 90 reais for one ceviche, one seafood rice and one litre of chicha and it was enough for two hungry people. Address: Avenida Vieira de Carvalho 86, Campos Elíseos.

Cervejaria Nacional: Outstanding craft beer, great snacks and amazing burgers. I recommend the appetizer with coalho cheese, the salmon burger and the chocolate brownie. It’s not very cheap, but I think that you pay way more for less in other places, so if you’re ready to pay a little extra for delicious food and a good quality beer, please try this out! One of our favorite places in São Paulo! Address: Avenida Pedroso de Morais 604, Pinheiros.

Na Garagem: Cozy, tiny and hidden hamburger place with a good veggie burger and bottled craft beer. Relatively cheap and extremely cozy as it’s in a small residential street with almost no cars. Outside the municipality has made a «street garden» with benches and a herb garden which works as extra seats for the restaurant because it only has about 8 seats inside. The potatoes/»fries» are amazing and I really appreciate them selling my favorite craft beer (Cervejaria Nacional’s IPA Mula). Address: Rua Benjamin Egas 301, Pinheiros.

Roncador: Best veggie burger I’ve had so far! They have many interesting burger options and also sell craft beer. The sauce is amazing (they should have bigger sauce portions, hehe!) and the place is not too pricy for a good artisanal hamburger. The fries look great as well, but we haven’t tried them yet. Means we have to go back, YES! Address: Rua Ministro de Godói 960, Perdizes.

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