The holidays are here!

Today is the first day that has felt like a holiday for me. I handed in my second last text on Tuesday, but since then we’ve done lots of things. Like visiting my boyfriend’s family, going to a school to talk about AFS and other things that have to be done and are nice, but they don’t make you feel like you’re finally having some time off.

We started the day with french toast and some coffe before heading to the street market. As I’ve said way too many times, both here on the blog and in real life, I love the street market with all its fresh produce and funny/crazy/great vendors. Today we didn’t get that much stuff because we got a lot last week and haven’t been cooking so much since then. I got Jamie Oliver Magazine’s Christmas edition this week, so I have so many ideas for the upcoming week, like for example an amazing salad made of beets, acorn squash, pears, blue cheese, walnuts and cooked barley. Yummy!

Talking about Christmas. This week I finally got my sh*t together and made rice porridge without the special type of rice that we have in Norway. I’ve wanted to eat that porridge for weeks now after seeing several pictures of it on Instagram and Snapchat. I used the common white rice that they sell here and it worked out great. It was even the same taste! Unfortunately I don’t know which kind of rice it was because they don’t have names on the different kinds of rice here, but it was long grain, so if you live in a country that doesn’t have that special rice for Christmas porridge, try to make it with any long grain white rice 🙂

Holidays here in Brazil means summer and high temperatures. Today hasn’t been that hot though (just 25 degrees celsius…), but I still decided to make a caipirinha after lunch to cool down. I should do that more often because a homemade capirinha is so much better than most of the ones you’ll get in a bar or a restaurant. You adjust the cachaça and the sugar to your liking and you can also be sure that the cachaça is not some cheap crap. In my experience a lot of bars and restaurants use bad cachaça and then they add LOTS of sugar so you won’t taste the bad cachaça. Not cool.


When I make caipirinha I use 3 limes and one big fistful of ice per person. The sugar and cachaça amounts varies a lot from person to person, but for me it’s about 2-3 tbsp of sugar and enough cachaça to almost cover the ice when you only have ice in the glass. If you have no idea try adding little by little until reaching what’s perfect for you.

Tonight we will have our newly discovered favorite dish: naan bread with falafel, vegetables and hummus. This time I’m mixing it up by making hummus from black eyed peas/beans instead of chickpeas, so earlier today I cooked both chickpeas, for the falafel, and beans. It’s gonna be a legume party, haha! I’m using this recipe for falafel and this for naan/pita/flat bread. The black eyed pea hummus is something I’ve been wanting to try for a while, but that bean isn’t that common here in the Southeast of Brazil, so I only got to buy it this week. The recipe is from Bela Gil’s first cookbook and the final result will look something like the picture here:


Om nom nom!

We don’t have big plans for Christmas, but we have about one month of holidays to enjoy before I will start looking for a job and my boyfriend goes back to work and studies, so we’ll probably relax a lot, cook a lot and maybe take a small trip somewhere. It’s funny how we haven’t planned anything at all and I love planning… Maybe I’m changing, haha 🙂 Well, have to go relax now, and maybe prepare a post about my plants for tomorrow. They are getting so big, you won’t believe it! Stay tuned.

– Guro

En kommentar om “The holidays are here!

  1. Hi Guro , nice to know you liked the national drink of Brazil, cachaça. There are good brands in Brazil that you can enjoy with great cocktails as you did making this nice caipirinha below. =} when you have time also, check our blog. We spread awesome things about cachaça there
    All the best, Guro and happy new year 2017 !


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