Balcony garden update #2

It’s been a week since my last update and that was also a garden post… Ops! These days my life is all about studying for final tests and handing in essays, so I’ll get back to blogging for real after December 15 I think. Even though I’m busy, my plants are growing and this week we’ve had some sunshine, but then winter suddenly came back?! That means 15 degrees, but that’s cold for us. It’s almost summer, so it should be 25-30 degrees now. Hello climate changes?

Anyways, my plants aren’t dying even though it’s cold and this is how they look now:


Basil at 25 days (December 1)


Escarole at 25 days (December 1)


Rocket at 25 days (December 1)


Parsley at 25 days (December 1)


Lettuce 2 at 25 days (December 1)


Lettuce 1 at 25 days (December 1)


Chili at 25 days (December 1)


Coriander at 25 days (December 1)

The plants that I planted during the second round of seeding have started sprouting. So far we have:


Basil at 11 days (December 1)


Basil at 11 days (December 1)

I’m also preparing for the third round of sowing and have saved all our empty milk and coconut water cartons for the last couple of weeks. Plus a cocoa powder container! Haha, it’s gonna be the prettiest balcony garden ever 😀 This time I’ll only seed one basil and then the other five containers will have coriander and parsley. And maybe another lettuce?

Have to get back to studying now! I hope to update you on other things than plants very soon.

– Guro

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