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Hello, lovely people!

Today I wanted to show you my little apartment «garden». We live in a 37 square meters apartment and we have a tiny balcony. You can’t even put a chair out there to relax, so if it wasn’t for the plants we wouldn’t have used it. Like I mentioned in my previous post, I planted lots of herbs and veggies almost three weeks ago. Most of them have already sprouted and some have even started growing for real. I’m not very good at this planting/gardening thing, but apparently I’m good enough to make the plants sprout and grow, so that’s a start 🙂

I’ve started following a Brazilian guy on YouTube that posts new videos from his apartment garden every week teaching how to plant different things, how to make fertilizer at home and other tips for small space gardening. After almost a year here in São Paulo I’ve figured out that it’s better to take advice from people that have access to the same products (and weather etc.) as you. For example, many Norwegian recipes that I’ve used for years in Norway won’t give a good result here. My guesses are that the ingredients are different and of course the fact that we have a gas oven and not an electric one has an impact as well. Apparently sugar isn’t just sugar and an oven isn’t just an oven. But hey, I’m adapting! My point with all this is that you should try to find a blog, YouTube channel or something like that with people from your country or area if you’re looking for tips.

Ok, back to the plants. The plants I’m showing you today were planted on November 6, so they’re 18 days old, haha 😀 The other ones haven’t sprouted yet and the parsley I planted 18 days ago haven’t either. I’m starting to loose faith in it, but it says on the package that it can take up to 28 days, so I will just have to wait until the start of December to see.

First I wanted to show you how the lettuce has grown the last nine days:


Lettuce at 9 days (November 15)


Lettuce at 18 days (November 24). How amazing is that? Like my BF said yesterday: «It’s starting to look like lettuce!» , haha!


Coriander at 18 days (November 24). When this started I sprouting I thought it had gone terribly wrong because it looked like grass, but now there are some small coriander leaves coming out from between the grassy leaves. Can you see them?


Chili at 18 days (November 24). This took a long time to sprout, so I thought it wouldn’t. I saw a video on YouTube where the guy said that chili plants like lots of sun and we didn’t have much sun the first ten days after planting, but apparently it’s a persistent chili 🙂


Basil at 18 days (November 24). First I’m very sorry for the terrible photo, but I can’t get it right. And it’s only sprouting and haven’t grown too much. Let’s hope next week’s photo will be better!


Rocket at 18 days (November 24). This is something I never buy because I use so little of it at a time, but now that we can pick it on the balcony I will start using it more.


Escarole at 18 days (November 24). I have to admit this looks like rocket, so I’m starting to think that I mixed up the name tags because I have rocket and escarole in the same pot. Escarole is a frizzy lettuce (friséesalat) that my BF loves, so that’s why we’re planting it.

Time passes so slowly when you’re waiting for plants to grow, but at least it says on the package how long it takes before you can start picking:

  • Rocket: 40 days (December 16).
  • Coriander: 50 days (December 25). 70 days in winter.
  • Escarole: 60 days (January 5). 80 days in winter.
  • Basil: 60 days (January 5). 90 days in winter.
  • Parsley: 70 days (January 15).
  • Lettuce: 70 days (January 15).
  • Chili: 120 days (March 5).

I planted again this Monday (November 21), so for the second round we will have a blooming sunflower and some more basil on January 20.

My plan now is to plant coriander, parsley or basil every time we empty something that we can plant in, like milk cartons, big bottles, ice cream containers etc. Problem is that we don’t drink soda and we rarely buy ice cream. At least I use milk for my coffee, haha! We also want to make our own fertilizer from vegetable peels because the guy I’m following on YouTube posted a great video on how to do that. For those of you who understand Portuguese you can find his channel here. He also posted a video on how to make a liquid fertilizer from coffee grounds and we did that! Honestly I don’t know if it works, but our plants aren’t dead and my aunt back in Norway puts coffee grounds in her flower beds, so…

This post is getting way too long and I have to start studying for my morphology test! I hope you liked seeing my babies plants and in about a week I’ll post more photos so you can see how much they’ve grown. And maybe we’ll have some new ones sprouting as well?! Stay tuned.

– Guro

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