Hello everyone

After a long break I’m finally here again. I haven’t been motivated to write lately, so maybe that blogging-daily-for-the-rest-of-the-year challenge has done the opposite of what it was supposed to? I’ve been cooking a lot though and I’ve finally admitted to myself that that’s what I love to do, not writing. I like to write, but I love to cook…

When I haven’t been in the kitchen I’ve been following our plants closely and I love it! I planted several herbs and vegetables about two weeks ago and yesterday I planted a sunflower and another round of basil. The reason I’ve planted basil twice is because it’s so easy to use it all at once, so having some plants on their way is always a good thing, at least when it comes to herbs. I mean, who doesn’t waste a whole bunch of basil to make a wonderful pesto and then eat it all in one sitting? In about two weeks I will plant it again I think. And maybe some more coriander. And if the parsley decides to sprout I guess I will have to plant another round of that too. These are the herbs that we usually buy and use daily, so growing them at our balcony is something we should do year round, at least from September to May when the temperatures are ok.

The vegetables we’ve planted so far are lettuce, escarole, rocket (ruccola) and chili. I’m not sure if I should consider chili a vegetable or a spice, but it definitely works as both. Oh, that reminds me! The other day we actually made our own homemade chili sauce, how cool is that? Imagine when we can pick our own chilis on the balcony, whip it up with tomatoes and garlic in the blender and have 100% homemade chili sauce. That will be my first #blessed moment on social media I think, haha 😀

I think I have to explain that chili sauce thing for you guys. I don’t eat it unless it’s in the food. I mean, here in Brazil people men put it on everything. EVERYTHING. Recently I’ve learned that using chili (sauce) in sauces, soups, stews etc. gives the food a kind of strength or force. It doesn’t necessarily make the food spicier, but it gives it something extra and it makes it better somehow. This is really hard to explain, but I think it’s very interesting and also delicious! The other reason we decided to make chili sauce at home is that the chili sauce that my BF use every single day has a sh*tload of sodium per serving. After quickly googling the recipe for chili sauce and finding out that it’s super easy, we made the decision. I will share the recipe with you guys later!

Talking about recipes, today I’ve made chocolate muffins with pureed beets and for lunch we had good tofu for the second time in my life. I’ve never liked tofu because of it’s strange texture and the not-so-good flavor. About a month ago we made some amazing tofu burgers and today we had fried tofu with a soy sauce sauce (a sauce made with soy sauce, among other things, haha). Both were made following Mia Frogner’s recipes from her amazing cookbook and food blog Green Bonanza. You can find the recipe for the burgers here, but the black pepper tofu recipe is only in her book which is in Norwegian. Maybe I’ll share it later 😉

I can recommend the beet muffins to those of you who are ready for a healthy chocolate muffin that tastes healthy and good, but not like a normal chocolate muffin. Unlike many other healthy baked goods, the beet taste isn’t totally covered up by chocolate and sweeteners here and the recipe also calls for whole wheat flour, so you will definitely taste the healthiness here, haha 🙂 The recipe is from Minimalist Baker and here’s a direct link.

My semester and bachelor’s are finally coming to an end, but to finish with style I have to go back to my morphology now. I’ll post some photos of our amazing plants and maybe some recipes too later this week! Have a good one, people!

– Guro

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