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If you’ve followed me for the last couple of weeks it might seem like I always stay at home cooking or doing some other house-y things, but today I’ve done something different, haha 🙂 I met my boyfriend for lunch in this great Indian restaurant close to Avenida Paulista and after we went to Latin America’s biggest book store. Have a look:

Salad first!


My boyfriend chose alternative one which was dahl with chickpeas; vegetable curry; eggplant with fresh cheese and tomato sauce; and brown rice with corn.


I chose alternative two which was vegetable curry; noodles with vegetables; and eggplant with fresh cheese and tomato sauce.


Dessert was the same for both alternatives: queijadinha


Queijadinha is like a super moist and creamy muffin, and it’s made of condensed milk, coconut and parmesan cheese. I admit that sounds weird, but it’s delicious!


This is the menu for Tuesdays. They serve different dishes every day.


I really like the decoration and the atmosphere in the restaurant!

The restaurant is called Gopala Hari and it’s located in Rua Antônio Carlos 429, close to the Consolação/Paulista metro station in São Paulo. They only serve lunch and every day there’s a new menu. You can choose between two alternatives and you can also choose between a small and a big portion. We usually have the small portion and are fine with that, but because of some misunderstanding we got the bigger one today and I got so full! For the beautiful price of 33 reais (28 for a small portion) you get the plates on the photos above, as much natural juice as you want, a salad and a dessert. During the weekend it’s a little more expensive, but not much and it’s still pretty cheap for São Paulo. I like the concept a lot and the atmosphere is really nice. The fact that it’s a vegetarian restaurant is also a plus, hehe… 😉

After lunch we headed to a small coffee place next to Conjunto Nacional which is where you can find the biggest book store of Latin America, Livraria Cultura. We had an espresso and then we were ready to enter the world of books. I was looking for an agenda for 2017 and I got exactly the one that I had seen online. Happiness, haha!


Here’s a photo from Avenida Paulista, the main street of São Paulo, and also the financial center of the city, Brazil and Latin America:


After some wandering around the book shops (who doesn’t love spending hours in book shops?), we headed back home and look what we saw on our way from the bus stop:


What made me look first was the flower as I hadn’t seen a flower like that before, but then my boyfriend asked me if I was amazed by the small bananas. Which I hadn’t even seen yet! Haha, look at them! They’re so tiny 🙂 Brazil keeps amazing me every day, haha, gotta love it…

Now I have to go because I have a class in like 20 minutes and it takes me an hour to get there… Ops! I hope you’ve all had a great start to the week. Tomorrow is off for me and it’s gonna be so good 🙂 See you then!

– Guro

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