Practice makes perfect

Lately I’ve been very good at doing other things than staring at a screen all day. It doesn’t matter if it’s my phone or my computer. Today I had breakfast alone without looking at my phone and it felt really great. I felt more relaxed and also a little proud. Have you thought about how much time we spend on our phones, computers, tablets and TVs every day? I think it’s very scary to think about where we’re headed, so I try to be better.

During the weekend I did many things that didn’t require any technology. I painted my nighstand, I planted some herbs on our balcony and I knitted. I’m working on a black and super fluffy scarf, and even though winter is 6-7 months away I would love to finish it soon because my boyfriend have asked me to make him a sweater. The only knitting projects I’ve finished in my life have been things like socks, hats, scarved and other small things. I didn’t even make this super popular sweater that everyone knitted a couple of years ago in Norway. Everyone did it, but I guess I was too lazy.

So, now that my boyfriend wants me to knit a sweater for him I have to get better at this knitting thing. I should also start in January or February because I’m not very fast at knitting and I keep forgetting what kind of stitches I’m doing and I’ve never done a nice pattern before. Help! Well, I better get knitting because that’s the only way to get better. As they say, practice makes perfect, and I would really like to be a knitting lady 🙂



It’s kind of hard to see the scarf as I was wearing all black and the scarf is also black, sorry for that 😉 I’ll show you when it’s finished! Now I have go to bed!

– Guro

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