Monday is my favorite day

Most of you will probably hate me now, but I love Mondays! A chance to start over, to do everything you’re supposed to and then relax without a bad conscience when it’s all over. There are some things that I’ve been postponing forever, but that I have to do this week, and writing about it here really helps me to actually do it. Take a look:

  • Paint my nighstand.
  • Throw out the dead plants.
  • Plant herbs on the balcony.
  • Buy a light bulb for my new cool nightstand lamp.

I actually bought the wood, got it cut, made my father-in-law put the parts together and now I only have to paint the nightstand. I’ve already painted my boyfriend’s one in red and mine will be yellow. We are trying very hard to not have a typical Scandinavian boring white home, haha 😀

The dead plants have been on the balcony since we came home from Paraty in April… Yes, I feel ashamed, haha! But now we will throw them away and plant new herbs in the pots. We even bought new, fresh plant soil now that spring is here. Maybe we’ll plant some flowers as well because last year we planted a sunflower and it got so big and beautiful 🙂


Our plants in April before our trip

And the last thing: I bought a really cool black lamp for my nighstand, but then I discovered that it didn’t come with a light bulb. I went to buy the light bulb, but when I got back home it was the wrong kind. How hard can it be? This week I’ll have to get the right one.

Do you have something that you keep postponing? Have a great week, everyone!

– Guro

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