All I want

I’m in the middle of an extremely stressful period with tests and project hand-ins at uni and I can’t think about anything else. Whenever I do something else I feel bad about it, but we all need to relax a little bit as well, don’t we? Right now I could do anything to have time to do these things:

  • Spend a whole day walking around in São Paulo discovering new places.
  • Read the 4-5 books I have right here waiting for me.
  • Finish knitting the scarf I started making one year ago.
  • Do 30 minutes of yoga every day.
  • Plant herbs on our balcony now that spring is here.
  • Go somewhere and take photos without thinking about the time.
  • Make vlogs about São Paulo and my life here.
  • Spend one day in bed without doing anything and without bad conscience.
  • Spend one day by the pool downstairs.

What do you want?

– Guro

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