Feeling good

Hello, lovely people!

I’m so happy today 😀 After yesterday’s disastrous mood and everything going wrong, today feels like that first day of summer when the sun shines and everything is just perfect. And that’s actually true as well. The weekend was all about rain and a grey sky, but now the sun is back.

We started the week off with working out. My boyfriend does jiu-jitsu, so he went to practice at 10 am and I headed over to the gym. I had a rather intense warm-up on the crosstrainer before doing pitcher squats, stiff-legged deadlifts, calf raises and donkey kicks before ending the workout with another 20 minutes on the crosstrainer, but this time much slower. After I was done my pulse watch told me I had already completed 180% of today’s activity… What to do? Haha 🙂

I got home, took a shower and made an amazing lunch: homecooked black beans, brown rice with turmeric, fried eggs and sautéed collard greens with garlic. This is a quite typical Brazilian lunch, at least for a vegetarian. If we weren’t pescetarians we would probably have a piece of meat instead of the eggs. I would still consider it a complete meal without eggs, fish or meat as beans have lots of protein and if you eat them with rice they make a complete protein (a protein that contains all the essential amino acids that our body doesn’t produce on its own).


Right now I’m enjoying «dessert» which is organic strawberries that we got tricked into buying at the farmer’s market yesterday. It was the end of the market and the guy I was buying apples from asked if we wanted some strawberries as well. They were organic, big and red all over, and a big box was only 10 reais and I could buy two for 15! 7,50 reais is the normal price for small, ugly, half rotten and NOT organic strawberries at the supermarket, so we said yes right away. And now we’re enjoying them to the fullest!


Please ignore my nail polish situation

Yesterday we also did a funny thing when going to the market. Usually I plan what we’ll eat every day and then we buy whatever we need for that. This time we didn’t bother making a list and we had only 60 reais, not the usual 100. Luckily it was the end of the market and the vendors were selling everything super cheap, so we got home with lots of things and many of them were things we never buy because we don’t know what to do with them/how to cook or eat them. For example chayote and taro. I’ll show you pictures of them and what we’ll do with them when it’s time to eat them, ok? 🙂

Now I have to study (and read blogs, who am I kidding?). See you again tomorrow!

– Guro

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