Touristing day 2

Finally one day where I have time to blog before bed and not in bed, minutes before passing out from exhaustion. Now it’s actually very early, we haven’t even had dinner yet! And today’s dinner is going to be AMAZING because we are going to a Japanese restaurant where you can eat all you want for a fixed price. You might think it’s cheap, bad quality and not real Japanese food, but it’s actually very nice and classy. There are lots of waiters and you just tell them what you want and then they come to your table with a small portion of whatever it is that you want to eat. This way there’s less waste and the food won’t get nasty in the buffet for hours. I’ll try to take some pictures there, but it’s a very dark restaurant, so I don’t know how it will go.

What I wanted to show you today was some photos from today’s sightseeing with my friend. We went to the «hipster» neighbourhood, Vila Madalena, and then to the Japanese/Oriental neighbourhood, Liberdade. In Vila Madalena we had the best ice cream of my life in Bacio de Latte which is an italian ice cream shop. It’s pretty expensive, but it compensates. I had three different flavors: doce de leite (caramel-ish), coconut and three chocolates. The coconut was so fresh and it had real coconut flesh in it! The three chocolates-flavor was new and it was truly incredible. Afterwards I was a little sad that I hadn’t taken only the three chocolates one.


Just a normal day in Vila Madalena

We also went to São Paulo’s best coffee shop (Coffee Lab) where we tried two different coffee rituals that they offer. The coffee shop is also a barista school, so the people there know what they are doing, hehe! The rituals are for the clients to discover things about coffee that most people don’t know or don’t think about in their daily life and the baristas explain you everything during the ritual. My friend chose ritual number 6 which was to taste the same coffee prepared differently, so he had two cups, one with coffee made in an aeropress and one with coffee made in a clever coffee dripper. I tried them both and there was actually a difference between them! I think that’s very interesting 🙂 I decided to have ritual number 4 which was coffee with cream cheese on the side so that you could try that combination. They actually say that cheese is a better match for coffee than chocolate is and I agree! I don’t really like coffee and chocolate because I feel that the sweet taste of the chocolate makes the coffee seem too bitter. But of course I know that most people disagree with me, haha 😉


Enough about food! We went to the small grafitti street in Vila Madalena, Beco do Batman, as well and they had some new grafittis there this time. There were almost no people there, so we got to take some nice photos:


In Liberdade we just walked around and looked at things in the stores. They have so many different foods there that are difficult to find elsewhere, but I decided I would go back another day when I had more time. There are also many, many stores with a lot of junk there, something that I like to look at and not buy, but after five equal stores it’s kind of enough for me, haha!


Right now we’re about to leave for the famous Japanese dinner, so I gotta go! Have a wonderful evening and weekend, everyone. I’ll write to you again tomorrow!

– Guro

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