After the storm, there’s another

At least that’s what happened in São Paulo today. I woke up around six am because the wind was so crazy and made a lot of noise outside. One hour later I had to close the balcony door so that I wouldn’t get rained on. Luckily I managed to fall asleep again even though the sky was full of lightnings and thunder.

When I woke up again around nine everything was fine and we had a blue sky and the extreme heat from yesterday was back as well. My friend and I had breakfast at the bakery and I collected the last linguistic data for my research. Finally done with that project!

We went sightseeing in the old city centre and visited many places that I’ve been before: the cathedral, the museum Pateo do Collegio, the Martinelli building and Mercado Municipal. Heroes gotta eat as well, so we stopped by the Portuguese pastry shop Casa Matilde:

After the sugar fix we went up to the 26th floor of the Martinelli building for a great view of the city:

We started getting hungry for lunch because it was already three pm, so we headed over to the municipal market where they sell fresh meat, fish and fruit and also spices, dried fruit and nuts. We went to a good restaurant on the second floor and had some amazing pasteis. They are fried calzones with different filling. Here’s a photo from the first floor where you can buy food and take home. Let’s go nuts:

At night I went to university and just after I stood in this line and arrived at university, the sky opened again and this time for real:

When my boyfriend picked me up a couple of hours later big parts of the city didn’t have electricity, the traffic lights didn’t work, there were huge trees just laying over the streets, yeah… The sunmer rain is definitely back.

Well, I have to go to sleep now. See you guys tomorrow, again! Haha, gotta love this challenge 😉 nighty night.

– Guro

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