Busy bee

Hello, world

So today has been an extremely busy day, I haven’t even had time to look on my phone! We got up early to pick up my friend in the airport and after about an hour of traffic we finally got back home to have a nice breakfast. It was almost noon when we sat down with fresh bread from the bakery, scrambled eggs, freshly squeezed orange juice and lovely Brazilian coffee, but aren’t those meals the best ones? 

Apparently we are very predictable when it comes to breakfast. This photo is from our trip to Paraty in April…

After a long brunch we had to head out again because we had an appointment to visit an apartment on the other side of the city and we got stuck in traffic, again. The apartment was nice, but much smaller than it looked like in the photos on the website. We also didn’t like the neighborhood very much because it was very industrial and had no shops, supermarkets, bakeries or anything. We’re still in the initial part of this and we have no rush, but we find it nice to visit different houses and apartments to see what we like and don’t like.

Later we drove back to our neighborhood and we had lunch in the food truck park where we used to eat all the time when we first moved here. They have so many different cuisines there and my friend and I ended up with northeastern Brazilian food and my boyfriend had his favorite Thai dish. So delicious! If you’re ever in São Paulo check out the food trucks outside the Patio Paulista shopping center.

The rest of the day we just relaxed and made an amazing bobó which is another dish from the Northeast. It’s a creamy soup originally made with cassava root and coconut milk, but we had another root (mandioquinha/batata de baroa) at home, so we used that instead.

Hope you all had a wonderful day! See you again tomorrow 😉

– Gurinho

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