During this last week I’ve seen a lot of bloggers participating in a challenge where you have to blog daily for the rest of the year and I thought it sounded cool, so today is my first day! I think people are doing it to get inspired and motivated, and someone also mentioned something about accepting that every blog post isn’t going to be a masterpiece. After all we’re content producers and simple bloggers, not candidates for the Pulitzer or Nobel prize. I’m not saying that we have to publish everything that comes to our mind, but there’s no reason to NOT post something that you’ve sat down and worked on.

Since Thursday I’ve been extremely busy studying for some tests and then I have some projects to hand in this week and the next. This morning I invited my boyfriend to have breakfast at our neighbourhood bakery so that I could collect some linguistic data for the project that I’m handing in on Thursday. We’re supposed to listen to how people talk when they’re in a very casual situation because apparently people are getting lazy and they say «two coffee» instead of «two coffees». The whole thing made me feel like an intruder, but I also kind of liked it. Haha, just call me the crazy stalker now. After about an hour I had only collected half of the data that I needed and we were both extremely full and bored, so we decided to go back home. I have to finish it later today or maybe tomorrow.

Tonight I have a test in «computer linguistics» which is actually just programming. I shouldn’t say just programming because it’s pretty complicated. At least for me. I’ve done some programming before, but only for fun. Luckily this test is only about 15% of the final grade, so it’s not THAT important. Should get some studying done anyway though.

As having a ton of tests and projects to hand in wasn’t enough we’ve had Brazilian summer temperatures this week, which means around 32-33 degrees celsius every day. At around 4-5 pm it rains like crazy for a little bit so that we can cool down and during the night it’s around 22 degrees. Sleeping with that temperature isn’t exactly ideal for a person from the north of Europe, but with a fan I manage somehow. Air condition is for rich people, ok? Haha!


This is what I should be doing right now: drinking caipirinhas on the beach

I should really start studying for that programming test now, but I’ll talk to you again tomorrow (now I actually have to do it thanks to the challenge…). Tomorrow will be an exciting day because 1) a friend of mine from Germany is coming to visit and 2) we’re going to see an incredible apartment. Stay tuned!

– Guro

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