Hello, it’s me

Hi there!

I’m sorry for my absence here. Life happened and then I had to take a super quick trip to Norway, but now I’m back and full of inspiration. There are so many things I’d like to do with this blog, but then I remember that I’m a student and that I should actually study. After all it’s the last semester of my bachelor’s and even though I hate it most of the time I should finish with style, right? At least by passing my subjects…

I’ve been watching a lot of video blogs (vlogs?) lately and I’ve also cooked a lot, so I have two plans: 1) To make some videos and/or vlogs from São Paulo because I think it could be interesting for you guys to see how it is (according to my stats I have readers from all over the world, so I guess most of you haven’t been here before :-)). I mean, no free seats in the metro at 11 pm? Staying in line all day every day? Eating food from seven different countries in one week? It’s all here in the monster city. Plan number 2)  Get a food blog up and going. I enjoy cooking so much and photographing the food as well, so I should share it with the world, right? I share a lot on Instagram and Snapchat (my username is guronygaard on both), but sometimes it’s nice to see it all on a big screen. Are you with me?

Some of my latest Instagram posts, from the upper left: cinnamon rolls; São Paulo Museum of Art (MASP); oatmeal with banana, peanut butter and roasted pumpkin seeds; the view from my cousins’ house in Norway; vegan lentil stew with coconut milk, ginger and coriander; and fresh watermelon juice with mint.

Ok, so today I will try to do some filming because it’s Nossa Senhora da Aparecida, Our Lady of Aparecida, Brazil’s patron saint’s day and we are going to my boyfriend’s parents’ house 😀 Because of my super jetlagged body we wake up early every day, so now we’re heading to the park for a little morning walk. Talk to you soon!

– Guro

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