Taking the afternoon train to Mariana

Yesterday we took the old train to Mariana, a small city next to Ouro Preto. The railway was built back in 1883 and the station in Ouro Preto five years later, so it’s all very old. They renovated the railway and the stations from 2004 to 2006 and now the train offers touristic trips between Ouro Preto and Mariana during the weekends (Friday to Sunday). You can go in the panoramic vagon with big windows and air condition or in the normal one with small windows and no air con. We chose the latter and it was completely fine. The views were great and there was nothing we couldn’t see because we had chosen the normal vagon. Here are some photos from the trip:





The Chinese moustache water fall. It has its name because of the stone in the middle that makes the two parts look like a Chinese moustache. Can you see it?


This landscape is the most common one here in the state of Minas Gerais and it’s called serra which translates to something like hill landscape, haha 😉 Makes sense, right? The train ride is about one hour, so we got to Mariana around 5 pm. We hadn’t planned anything, so we just started walking and we found some signs telling us where the main squares were and also some churches. When we finally arrived at the churches and a big square we understood that we had been walking in circles for a bit, hahaha! Mariana has two churches and someone called them twin churches?! I don’t know if that’s something special or if the person who said it thought so because they were next to each other? There was also the end of a bicycle race that had been going on in Mariana the whole weekend, so it was super crowded.






After a while we got really hungry and started to look for somewhere to eat. And that’s not always an easy thing in small Brazilian towns after 5 pm on a Sunday. While hunting for a café we walked up the street next to the church and look what we saw:


A green snake! Apparently it wasn’t dangerous, but people still got scared and the snake was heading towards the crowd participating in the closing ceremony of the bicycle race, so the police had to scare it enough for it to go in another direction. It was probably the best for everyone. I haven’t had any experiences with strange animals here in Brazil beofre, even though they are common. The fact that we live in the center of São Paulo might be an important factor there, hehe 🙂 I’m not complaining!

We found a small café after some time and got some mini-quiches and then we shared an amazing chocolate cake. Unfortunately I didn’t take a picture because we were so excited about the cake and also hungry. Talking about hungry, I’ve been wanting food for like two hours and now we’re finally going out for dinner. This morning we started talking to some other guests at the pousada while having breakfast and they were going to a mine that we wanted to go to, but that we had decided to skip because we had to take the bus there. When they offered us to go with them in the car we changed our hiking plans (there’s a viewpoint not too far from our pousada) and half an hour later we were on our way to the «best» mine in the Ouro Preto area, Mina da Passagem.

There are other mines closer to the city, but according to yesterday’s guide on the train, the one we visitied is bigger and better. As in you can walk normally inside the mine and you don’t get claustrophobic (that easily). I’m not claustrophobic, but at the same time I’m not very fond of small spaces, so I think it was the best option for us. After visiting the mine we took the bus back to Ouro Preto as the others were going to see Mariana. We walked around for a little bit, had a great lunch followed by an even greater coffee and chocolate truffles and then walked a little bit more around. I also managed to fall because I twisted my ancle because of a hole in the sidewalk. My fall was kind of slow motion because my ankle just didn’t manage to hold me up anymore and then I fell, haha, it must have been hilarious to look at! I mean, my boyfriend thought I was reaching for something on the ground, hahaha! I feel good now, I’ve just got a little pain in my knees, my ankle and my left hand. Thankfully I saved my camera which was in my right hand when I fell. I felt like such an idiot!

We decided to come back to the pousada early and just relax before going out for dinner. I got time to read the news and some blogs, to post a clichê photo on Instagram and to update you guys. How marvellous is that? But now I’m so hungry! We are going to Ouro Preto’s best restaurant (according to TripAdvisor) and we’re having pizza 😀 It’s not very cheap, but our lunch was only 20 reais (5,50 euros/50 NOK) per person, so we figured it was ok, hehe. I will post about the mine tomorrow or whenever I have time.

Now I have to jump in the shower! Have a nice evening, lovely people 🙂

– Gurinho

* I found the information about the train here.

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