History overload

Good evening, amigos

We arrived in Ouro Preto pretty late yesterday, but still early enough to go out for dinner. And that’s the only thing we did before we both fell asleep instantly when getting back to the pousada (a Brazilian bed and breakfast, basically). Today we woke up early and we felt so relaxed. The pousada serves breakfast with the classic pão de queijo from Minas Gerais, so we ate a lot, haha 🙂

After breakfast we headed out to discover the city. The only thing we had planned was to take the old train to Mariana, another town closeby, at 4 pm. We walked to the principal square of the city, Praça Tiradentes, and from there it was all random. Ouro Preto is pretty much churches and museums, and there are so many churches! I haven’t been in a city with so many churches before and this is a very small city, everyone. I probably haven’t been in another city with so much history before either, so maybe that explains it 😉

During the day we stopped by at least five churches, one museum, one house of a famous person (Tomás Antônio Gonzaga, one of the men who started the independence movement in Minas Gerais), three restaurants/cafés and now, 143 photos later, we are back in the pousada. Obviously I can’t show you everything at once, but I’ll show you the first batch of today’s photos here:


When we get out of the pousada this is what meets us: a super steep hill. They are actually all over Ouro Preto, so we are getting used to it. 


The view from our way to the city center/Praça Tiradentes


Praça Tiradentes, the city’s main square where you can find the statue of Tiradentes himself and the Museu da Inconfidência which is the independence movement that started here in Minas Gerais when Brazil was still a Portuguese colony.


On the Museu da Inconfidência’s right you can find a church, Igreja da Nossa Senhora do Carmo,  and a museum, Museu do Oratório, and this is the view from the square outside the church. I’m pretty sure that what you see is the Pilar neighbourhood and the neighbourhood outside Pilar.


Outside the Museu do Oratório.


One of the streets going down from the Praça de Tiradentes, Rua Cláudio Manoel, which leads you to several things worth visiting: Largo de Coimbra with the handcraft fair, Tomás Antônio Gonzaga’s house and last but not least Ouro Preto’s most famous church, Igreja de São Francisco de Assis/Church of Saint Francis of Assisi.


This beautiful staircase leads to the second floor of the garden in Tomás Antônio Gonzaga’s house. The house is open for visits and in some of the rooms some ladies sell their handcrafts. There are still some old furniture there so you get the feeling of how it used to be when Gonzaga lived there.


My boyfriend on the second floor of Gonzaga’s garden and with views over some of Ouro Preto’s Eastern neighbourhoods. I think it’s Alto da Cruz  and maybe Morro Santana and Padre Faria as well.


One of the rooms with old furniture in Gonzaga’s house. I love how they weren’t afraid of using colors before and it’s so inspiring. Maybe we should do the same when we buy a house? Haha, or not, but it’s definitely something that makes your home a happier and more interesting place.


The view over the square Largo de Coimbra from Gonzaga’s house. The church is the last one I mentioned, Igreja de São Francisco de Assis/Church of Saint Francis of Assisi.

These weren’t even 10% of the photos I took todayso I’ll keep them coming the next couple of weeks. And I haven’t even shown you the photos from Belo Horizonte! I feel more like sharing the photos from Ouro Preto now as we’re still here and then when I’ve shown you everything from here I’ll show you the pictures from BH.

You can also follow me on Instagram for more frequent updates, my username is guronygaard and here’s a link to my profile.

We are heading out for dinner now, so I gotta go. We are here until Wednesday, so our weekend still has another three days, yeey! Have a great start of the week, everyone 🙂

– Guro

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