I was going to write here yesterday, but I was too ashamed to do so. Do you remember the run I was talking about? My boyfriend and I signed up for it about 2-3 months ago so that I would start running and not just do strength training. It worked out well and I’ve fallen in love with intervals!


The problem, and the reason for me being so ashamed, is that we didn’t make it to the actual run. It was yesterday morning at 07.00 which means that we had to be there around 05.30-06.00 to pick up our shoe chips. That means that I set my alarm for 05.00 on Saturday evening. When do I wake up? 06.38. My alarm says that it rang at 04.05, but I can’t remember hearing anything and I’ve never slept through this alarm before. 06.38 was obviously too late to do anything as the chip booths close at 06.30. Guess which two idiots were dying of shame and anger at 06.38 on a Sunday morning? Yes, us!

So much fuzz, so much babbeling and no caipirinhas on Saturday because of this stupid run. I even planned my workouts last week thinking about it. Jesus. At least we got our goodie bag on Saturday with a really great t-shirt, so we didn’t loose all the 200 reais that we had paid for signing up. And granola bars, haha. But I’m still extremely mad with myself. And ashamed. I mean, you can sleep in every freaking day of the week (I have evening classes at uni) and then you can’t get up early ONE day? Idiot.



To compensate we went to the gym and I did all the exercises I felt like. It turned out like this:

  • 10 min jogging on the treadmill
  • Wide arm push-ups 6-6-5 reps (not doing kneeling push-ups anymore!)
  • Reverse grip lat pulldowns @40 kg 10-10-7 reps
  • Hip thrust w/ 10 kg plate 5×10 reps
  • Stiff-legged Barbell Deadlift @26 kg 10 reps + @34kg 10-8 reps
  • Hyperextension 3×10 reps

I tried to do some other things as well, but my arms were just like spaghetti, haha! That always happens after push-ups 😦 But the only thing that helps is keep trying, right?

Anyway, now it’s a new week and I only have classes today because tomorrow is supposedly a day off and then on Wednesday I’m going to Minas Gerais! Last Tuesday the professor of my second class said this week we didn’t have classes on Tuesday, but the professor of my first class didn’t say anything about that, so… I should send her an email. And I will write a post about what we are going to do in Minas soon! Coming up tomorrow I think!

Have a wonderful week, everyone, and make the best of it!

– Gurinho

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