Independence Day

Hey there, readers

Today is Independence Day here in Brazil which means most people have the day off, but the stores and the malls are still open. My boyfriend always laughs at me when I ask if all the stores are going to close whenever there’s a holiday, because apparently they’re never really closed. They open later and close earlier, just like on Sundays. Maybe on December 25th and on January 1st they will be closed for real?

As everyone had the day off we went to my boyfriend’s parents’ for lunch and then we stayed there the rest of the day. We had a big lunch with beans and rice and then we just relaxed and talked the rest of the afternoon. My boyfriend’s aunts passed by as well and it was nice to meet some new family members, haha. I don’t think it will end any time soon because my mother-in-law has about 15 siblings. I like a big family though 🙂 Another great thing about going to my in-laws today was that three different editions of the Jamie Oliver Magazine had arrived for me! They usually arrive 1-2 months late, so now I have the June, July and August editions:


We got home about an hour ago and I decided I wanted to show you our new sofa! We bought it last week, but it was only delivered yesterday. Of course it didn’t fit where I had planned, but we put it close to the other wall instead. As you can see in the photos our living room, and our apartment, is tiny! We are very happy with the color of the sofa because we can change its style by using pillows in different colors depending on the season and what kind of style we want for our living room. This might seem like stupid ideas as our living room is probably the size of your bathroom, but we are in the process of getting a bigger place. Getting as in buying, hopefully. But I’ll talk about that later. Now, let’s take a look at the sofa:



My plan is to find some yarn in happy colors so that I can knit some pillow cases to freshen up the beige/grey/white thing we have going on here. If we weren’t renting this place we would definitely have put something up on that huge white nothing over the sofa, just so you now, haha!

After getting back from my boyfriend’s parents’ house I also had time to make juice for tomorrow morning. One of the things I love the most about living in Brazil is the easy access to fresh fruits and vegetables, and it’s so cheap! I also love having juice in the fridge when I wake up because I’m hardly in the mood to make it when I get up, just to drink it. I had some spinach in the fridge, so I decided it would be a green juice inspired by the one I made last week. The mangoes we had weren’t mature yet, so the ingredients this time were: passion fruit, pineapple, banana, spinach, lime juice and ginger. I didn’t plan to put in the ginger nor the lime juice, but I felt a little creative and it turned out great! So excited to have this for breakfast tomorrow:



Oh, so green! And didn’t that last photo turn out really cool? I simply laid the camera on the edge of the jug and took it 😀

That was my Independence Day. I hope I’ve inspired you to cook, knit or make green juice, hahaha! Until next time.

– Guro

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