Park day!

My friend from Norway and her Danish boyfriend who are travelling around Brazil this month came back from Rio yesterday, so we decided we would spend the day in the Ibirapuera Park today as they hadn’t seen it yet. They haven’t spent that many days in São Paulo actually, as they have been travelling around a lot. We made some sandwiches, took some snacks and called an uber. The driver got lost, but half an hour later we were in the park. We walked around a little bit before laying down next to one of the lakes. It was so nice to able to relax, talk and finally read a book without thinking about all the things I should’ve done instead. I started reading a new book this month, but I’ve only gotten to page 40 because I never make time to read and because it’s in Portuguese (I read faster in English and Norwegian). The book is about the cocaine network around the world and it’s very interesting! Maybe you’ve heard about it? It’s written by the Italian writer Roberto Saviano and the title is Zero Zero Zero. That’s the name of the finest cocaine you can find in the world. Saviano actually got police protection after his first book, Gomorra, which was about the Italian mafia. So scary, right?

I took my camera with me to the park and here are some of my photos:








Both my boyfriend and I felt such a relief going to the park and just relaxing. We live even closer to another park, Parque do Aclimação, but we hardly go there and we’ve both been talking about how we want to spend more time outside. I also want to work on my tan now that it’s getting warmer as it’s almost spring! There are still some cold days every now and then, but we are noticing that the spring is approaching. So nice 😀

I have to go now because we are going to an amazing Japanese all-you-can-eat restaurant (the name is Aoyama if someone’s in the neighbourhood) soon and I’m still in my underwear, haha! I hope you’re all having a nice start of the week. Talk to you soon!

– Guro

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