Back to reality

Yesterday was the first day of a new semester and a new month. I love when a month starts on a Monday, is that weird? Anyway, as I mentioned in May (?) there was a strike at my university and it didn’t stop until 1-2 weeks ago, which means that the first 2-3 weeks of this semester we will have classes and tests to put an end to the first semester. It sucks, but it’s how it’s done when you have such a long strike. I means, isn’t two months a little too long?

I started the new semester off well with a syntax theory class where I got to know that we’ll probably have a test in two weeks. Great. Then I talked to the international office about some practical information regarding the strike and I also got to ask the department of modern languages if they’re going to offer some advanced translation classes next semester. Unfortunately they won’t and I have no idea what else to study. Maybe I’ll take some extra linguistics classes… After running around the faculty I went to my boyfriends university to meet him for lunch. I had no idea what route the bus I took was taking, but at least I knew it was going to end up in the right place, haha, after 6 months I still get lost from time to time. I got there after a while, found my boyfriend and felt safe again.

After lunch we headed over to the library to study and I read 1/3 of the chapter that my syntax theory test is going to be about, so that felt great! Today I’ve only been to Brazilian literature class (luckily no test there!) and the gym where I tried to kill my legs. I had this week’s first workout today and it felt so wrong starting on a Tuesday. Will definitely keep that to a minimum from now on. Here’s my workout:

  • 10 min on the crosstrainer
  • Dumbbell Bulgarian split squat 10 kg x 10 reps x 3 sets
  • Barbell hip thrust 60 kg x 8/10/10 reps (3 sets)
  • Stiff-legged dead lift 30 kg x 10 reps x 3 sets
  • Leg press 120 kg x 5/4/5 reps (3 sets)

I wanted to do static wall sits and donkey kicks as well, but apparently I didn’t want it enough because I went home after that crazy leg press session. One month ago I did 100 kg for the first time and now I’m doing 120! It’s so motivating to see how I get stronger each workout and yeah, it’s actually each workout. I believe that if you lift heavy enough you will see progress every time you work out.

Lately, or since March actually, I’ve been so motivated for working out and it makes me so happy. As I mentioned, seeing progress plays a big part in that, but if you think about what you do for your body and your health during that one hour in the gym that’s also a huge motivation, right? About three years ago I worked out a lot and even ran up to 20 kms per week (WTF?). I’m so happy I’m back to where I was before when it comes to strength and last week I actually started running again as well. My runs are slow, short and on a treadmill, but it’s a start 😉 My boyfriend and I signed up for a 5K in September and I would like to finish in less than 30 minutes, so I have to start running more frequently now.

I like to track my workouts in an app called Fitocracy which is actually a website and a workout community. There are lots of social things going on there, but I’m only part of it to track my workouts and my progress. And to gain points and achieve new levels of course 😉 Haha, I think I’ll write a post about it because it’s such a great tool to see how far you’ve come and it’s almost like a game when you gain points and stuff, right? Look:


Enough workout talk for now, I have to help my boyfriend make dinner. See you soon!

– Guro

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