Winter/summer holiday

Hi there!

So, as many other bloggers I’ve taken some time off during summer/winter holiday. Here in Brazil it’s actually winter now, but when it’s 25 degrees and sunny I find that hard to believe. I’ve also been to Rio for a week and that was definitely not winter! We had 25-35 degrees every day and I sweated more in one week than I’ve done here in São Paulo the last two months. Gym time included!

Rio was ok. It was not great. I mean, Rio de Janeiro is a beautiful city, but they have some things they need to figure out, like dealing with traffic, how to write a menu, how to cook and how to treat people. The best food I had there was Northeastern and I don’t think we went to one place where they had everything on the menu or where the prices one the menu were right. How hard can it be? Get your shit together, cariocas (people from Rio).

I have loads of photos for you guys, so I think I’ll do some posts with photos only for the next couple of days. The first photos are from when my mom visited us here in São Paulo in the start of the month:


First stop for sightseeing was the municipal market or Mercadão


Nuts, nuts, everywhere! And pretty cheap even though I know cheaper places…


In Mercadão they offer you all kinds of fruits you’ve never seen before and you can taste all you want without buying anything! You might leave an angry vendor behind though 😛


Dragon fruit or pitaya! So sweet and so expensive.


The best place for having the famous pastel from São Paulo is in Hocca Bar. You can find it on the second floor at Mercadão and I can highly recommend the shrimp one.


After an amazing lunch we headed over to see the monster from above on top of the Martinelli building


My mom enjoyed the view as well

Sooo, after showing my mom what São Paulo has to offer for a couple of days we picked up my Chilean host sister (she was on exchange with AFS in Norway and lived with us for a year) at the airport and started our trip to Rio! More about that next time. Talk to you soon!

– Guro

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