Sunday, again

What is going on? Time passes by so fast!

I used this whole week writing one post and editing the photos for it and I only got to post it yesterday. Thank God I don’t have a bunch of addicted readers who need me to post three times a day. Haha, I wish…

So, it’s Sunday again and I thought I would tell you about my week. Isn’t that a nice Sunday tradition? So, I work every day for a Norwegian company and because of the time difference (5 hours) I have to work in the morning because that’s when the others are working over there. After work I usually go to the gym and then I have lunch, usually at home with my boyfriend. This week a friend of ours from our exchange in Porto, Lorena, came to São Paulo to visit and I got to see her two times before she went back to Belo Horizonte where she lives. On Thursday I met her for a coffee and a walk in the Paulista Avenue before we met up with another friend of ours from Porto, Edu, that lives here in São Paulo, but that we haven’t seen since we got here in January. We had lunch in the amazing Peruvian restaurant where I went with my boyfriend on Norway’s national day and then we went to Liberdade, the Asian neighbourhood here in SP. It’s always a pleasure to go there just to see the beautiful street lights and all the strange food in the stores, hehe. It’s a food lover’s paradise!

Yesterday we also met up with Lorena and Edu, but this time my boyfriend went as well. We had lunch in an Indian restaurant that only serves vegetarian food and it was great as well. You pay for a big or a small plate and each plate comes with a little bit of all the food they make that day. I love places where you can try different things without having to eat a full plate of each dish. The small plate was more than enough for us (one small each) and it comes with dessert and juice as well. Oh, the juice! It was passion fruit juice with cardamom, so delicious and interesting 🙂


Part of our lunch: lasagna with three cheeses, samosa, brown rice with vegetables, heart of palm pie and baked egg plant.


São Paulo is a city of graffiti and this one was on the other side of the street outside the Indian restaurant. Cool right?


The house next to the restaurant. I love pink and orange together, can’t help it. And bricks!

After lunch we took the bus to a hipster neighbourhood called Vila Madalena. Most people there are extremely trendy and stylish, they have Scandinavian interior design stores and there are lots of places to eat organic, vegetarian and vegan food. First we went to a famous street full of nice graffitis called Beco do Batman and I got to take lots of photos (I will write a post about it and show you all the photos soon). Then we tried to get a coffee at a super cool coffee shop called Coffee Lab, but there were eleven tables on the list to be served before us, so we went to a bar instead, hehe! We had delicious craft beer though, so at least I was pleased. Here are some of the photos from our stroll around the neighbourhood:





«Come to me during war times, and on days of peace as well.» 






I really enjoyed spending the day with my boyfriend and old friends form Porto just strolling around discovering new places, just like we did last year in Portugal. Like my boyfriend said: «We had a tiny bit of Porto for one day».

Today we went to my boyfriend’s parents’ house and we also stopped by the street market there as we didn’t get to go to one close to our house this weekend. We found the biggest passion fruit we’ve both ever seen and I got to try the tangerines for the first time in my life. Fruit make me so happy, hahaha!


This passion fruit is 550 grams… Just saying.



Spending the day at my in-laws’ place is always great and we get way too full, but it’s so delicious. At least we have beans and rice with salad and fish before all the sweets, hehehe 😀 We also get to scream at each other over politics, talk about strange family members and play with our two years old nephew. A lovely family Sunday!

So, that was my week! Next week will be about work and the gym before I’m officially on vacation on Friday. The weekend we will prepare everything for when my mom arrives on Monday. Only eight days to go now! I’m so excited! Have a good week, everyone 😀

– Guro

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