Sunday fun

Hello, lovely people!

Long time, no write. As usual. But I wanted to tell you guys about last Sunday! It was such a perfect day and we got to do several great things, as in both relaxing and actually doing something. We woke up without an alarm (how great is it to not put on the alarm when you go to bed?) and I made corn flour pancakes for breakfast. I’ve used the same recipe for fluffy (American) pancakes for years and since the month of June in Brazil means corn everywhere all the time, I wanted to mix up the old recipe with some corn flour, or fubá for those of you who have some local knowledge 😉

Talking about fubá: last week I tried to make bolo de fubá, corn flour pound cake, for the first time. It might the most eaten cake here in Brazil, both for breakfast and for the afternoon tea/coffee break. It was a quite interesting experience as I opted for not calling my mother-in-law for a foolproof recipe, but decided to do it on my own with the help of the world wide web. Not the greatest idea. I already knew that most recipes had condensed milk (supersweet kind of cream/custard, it’s hard to explain) instead of sugar and that you make the batter in a blender (I should write a post about how much Brazilians love blenders), but after some googling I also found out that it’s normal to use grated parmesan cheese. WTF? Cake with parmesan? I thought it sounded weird and not very tasty, but as several recipes mentioned it I was convinced. Turns out my mother-in-law doesn’t use it… My cake turned out ok though. I thought it was raw in the middle, but my boyfriend said that’s normal for bolo de fubá because the ingredients they ask for make the cake extremely moist (which apparently isn’t the same as raw, hehe). I didn’t like the parmesan flavor though, so the next one will be without it 🙂

The fubá pancakes turned out well and after breakfast we headed over to the Sunday market not too far from here. We have to go by car because of everything we buy, but it’s only a 5 minutes drive. The market sells mostly fresh fruit and vegetables, but also nuts, dried fruits, fish, meat, cheese, eggs etc. I love to go to the market because it inspires me to cook and to have a healthy lifestyle because there are so many things to choose from and everything is so fresh and delicious! Here are some pictures:





Mandioc and yam


Arracacha/mandioquinha and sweet potato



Yellow dragon fruit! The vendor saw me with the camera and told me to take a photo because it’s so rare, haha, he was great 😀


We got to try the deliciousness!


The yellow wrinkly fruit in the front is actually passion fruit, but it’s bigger than the one we have in Norway and as you can see it doesn’t have dark purple skin 😉


This orange thingy (mexerica? tangerine?) is probably in season now, I see it everywhere!


Garlic, yummy! I use it almost every time I make lunch and dinner and it’s so healthy for you!



After the market we got home and started doing some stuff around the apartment. My boyfriend cleaned the house and I started painting the nighstand I made for him a couple of weeks ago. Due to terrible weather and nothing to cover the floor with (to not spill paint on it) I didn’t get to it before now. Later we had lunch and after that we just spent the rest of the day in bed watching series and a movie. Such an amazing Sunday! It makes me so happy to feel like I’ve done something and at the same time have time to relax and do absolutely nothing 😀 Have a lovely weekend, everyone!

– Guro

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