Can’t wait!

One month from today I will wake up in Rio de Janeiro. This is the fourth time I’m in Brazil, but I never got to visit Rio. Now is finally the time and the company couldn’t be better. My mom comes from Norway to visit us here in São Paulo and she decided to invite my host sister from Chile (Titi) as well and then my boyfriend is going to be our driver, haha 😀 We will spend some days in São Paulo before Titi comes and we’ll go to Rio by car. It’s about 7-8 hours, depending on traffic like everything here in Brazil, and we’ll stay in Rio for a week before coming back home for a couple of days.


I can’t wait to see my mom again, which is strange for me as we didn’t use to have the best relationship, but now that I’m older and I have to admit how similar we are, it’s ok, haha 🙂 It’s gonna be so nice to show her this monster city that we call our home. São Paulo can be exhausting and stressful, but also impressive and charming. As it’s such a huge city you can find everything here. There’s even a Scandinavian buffet restaurant. Say what?


Anyway, it’s gonna be great to see my mom, but also my sister Titi. We haven’t seen her since she left Norway in June 2013, so I think we’ll have a great time together in Rio and of course roadtripping, haha! My mom and I already talked about the language confusions that will come up, at least for me. I will be in Brazil with one Norwegian, one Brazilian and one Chilean and I speak all of their mother tongues. English is of course the best option for the four of us to talk, but if my boyfriend isn’t there for a moment we could try to speak Norwegian and if my mom isn’t there for a moment we could speak Portunhol/Portuñol (mix of Portuguese and Spanish, just like Spanglish is a mix of English and Spanish). So much fun for a language geek like me!


But back to Rio! We are staying there for a week and we already rented an apartment in Leblon months ago as we’re stereotypical Norwegians and plan everything in advance. Every week when we talk on Skype we talk about what we want to see and do in Rio and I already made a list in my agenda. I love planning, can’t help it! If you have any tips on great places to go, eat or take photos, please tell me!

– Guro

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