A break

Good evening, world

Some days I feel the need to write about my day (for myself) and today is one of those days. I woke up super tired knowing that I had to work, so I did my three hours right away and then the rest of the day was devoted to resting. I’ve felt so tired this week, you know when you wake up after 8-9 hours of sleep and still feel tired? That’s just not right, so I decided that I had to take a day off from life. You know the pictures on instagram that say «Today is cancelled. Go back to bed.»? That was my day.

I think I’ve been this tired this week because I’ve started working after two weeks off from classes (aka. doing absolutely nothing) and I’ve also worked out a lot. I also suspect that I haven’t eaten enough for someone who lifts kind of heavy in the gym. The last couple of months have been about eating healthy and working out for us as we spent about 2 months only eating delicious and unhealthy food when we first got here. By the end of March we both started working out (my BF starting taking jiu-jitsu classes and I going back to my beloved lifting) and changed our diet drastically. Now we’re eating lots of vegetables, we focus on getting enough protein and sweets and alcohol are mostly consumed in small amounts and not every day as it used to be before, hehe 😉 Of course we have some days where we eat a 300 grams Milka chocolate in less than 20 minutes, but I think that’s an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Being able to eat exactly what I want from time to time is necessary for me to stay motivated. I’ve felt my clothes fitting looser and people have also commented on how I’m skinnier, but the scale says something else. Someone’s gaining muscles I guess, woohoo! This week I also decided to eat more than I’ve done for the past 2 months because as I lift heavy I need to eat enough for my muscles to grow properly.

Anyway, I wanted to write about today. My plan was to work and then go to the gym, but I ended up just staying at home doing nothing. I made lunch though and it was so delicious! I marinated salmon with olive oil, soy sauce, salt, pepper and lime before popping it in the oven with some rosemary on top for about 15-20 minutes (180 °C). I also baked aparagus in the oven with just a drizzle of olive oil, salt and black pepper for about 10 minutes (180 °C) and I made some mashed mandioquinha with a little bit of butter and heavy cream. Mandioquinha is like a potato, but it has a more intense yellow color and the taste is kind of buttery (I think, haha, it’s hard to describe). I tried to find the English word for it, but could only find the Spanish one as it’s an Andean vegetable and the Spanish word is derived from the word in Quechua which is a native language from the Andes. Long story short just call in mandioquinha. Our lunch was spectacular, super nutritious and almost low in calories, haha 🙂

After lunch we took a long nap and I started reading my new book, Me Before You, before we had this incredible chocolate peanut butter smoothie (great link for 8 simple and delicious smoothies!). My boyfriend had a jiu-jitsu class and I had to go to the grocery store for some ingredients for tonight’s treat. We always have so much old bread and this time I decided to make bread pudding. I feel like it’s some kind of grandma dessert, but it’s so delicious, simple and very easy to make. I found the recipe here and it was a success! For those of you who don’t speak Norwegian, it’s pretty much just slicing the old bread (150 grams) you have and put it in a baking dish. Spread some raisins (2-3 tbsp) over the bread and then the pudding mixture that is just eggs (2), sugar (2-3 tbsp), milk (1, 25 cups or about 315 ml), vanilla extract (1/2 tsp) and lemon zest (from 1/2 lemon). This time I actually found «real» lemon in the supermarket. Usually here in Brazil you can only get lime because that’s what they grow here and the lemon that I’m used to from Europe is called «lemon from Sicily», aka. it’s not grown here, but in Italy. Strange for a gringa (foreigner) though. Had no idea lemons had to be from Sicily.


Now where sitting here in the sofa sipping on a sweet Brazilian white wine and enjoying the bread pudding with homemade strawberry jam. I just chopped the strawberries, added some water, sugar and lime juice (my boyfriend insisted that was how it was done) and let it cook on low heat until it had the desired consistency. Turned out amazing! Even with lime juice! And demerara sugar (brown sugar)! By the way, isn’t it strange how fresh strawberries are cheaper than frozen ones? In Norway it’s very much the opposite even though none of them are cheap… And unlike in Chile (I lived there 5 years ago), the strawberries here are not watery and they are so sweet, just like the Norwegian ones!

That was my day, in food, haha! I’m so into cooking, nutrition and health right now and I understand that it can be a little too much for you guys. But I love it so much! Haha, I’m so happy after my resting day 🙂 Have a nice evening, everyone!

– Guro

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