Jamie’s Food Revolution

Good morning, world!

A couple of days ago Jamie Oliver shared the news that he was going to host a Food Revolution Day on May 20, 2016. Jamie has been working for better health in the UK for years and because of him the government there will put a tax on sugary drinks from 2018 on. The Food Revolution is about making people eat healthy and fresh food made from scratch to improve health worldwide. You might now that fast food and processed foods are being consumed in extreme amounts all the time and that this leads to obesity, diabetes and other lifestyle diseases. Did you know that the number of obese men are three times higher today than in 1975? And that of obese women has more than doubled in the same period? Did you know that as 2.1 billion people in the world today are obese, 795 million others go hungry?

Obesity-cost-global (2)

Today at 10 am GMT Jamie started the Food Revolution Day by making healthy and balanced breakfast smoothies with the British celebrities Charlotte Crosby and Alfie Deyes. After them Donna Hay continued the live show by teaching how to make her favorite omelette in Sydney, Australia, and right now Indian chef Kunal Kapur and Jacqueline Fernandez are getting cooking in Mumbai. Other countries that are going live today with chefs and celebrities are Tanzania, Nigeria, Kenya, Germany, Canada, the US and Brazil (whop, whop!). All videos will be shared on Jamie’s Facebook page as the go live.

One-third-food-waste (1)

I think this is such a great initiative by Jamie and his team and it’s a great way to tie the world even closer together. Eating well is so important for health, for sustainability and for the environment. Did you know that the food we waste is enough to feed the people suffering from hunger four times? At the same time 41 million children under five are obese because they eat too much of the wrong food. We have to start teaching people what to eat. The other day I saw two very big women on the metro with a huge bag of chips and that’s the first time I thought: «Maybe they don’t know? Maybe no one told them that it’s bad for them? Maybe they think it’s ok because everyone else eats it?». The next day I saw that Jamie was starting this revolution and it gave me so much motivation. Motivation to both cook and eat better, but also to share this information. I was lucky enough to get born in a country where healthy cooking and nutrition classes is a part of the compulsory subjects in school. We had 3-4 hours a week in both sixth and ninth grade and we even got evaluated! I haven’t thought about how great that is because I have just assumed for my whole life that everyone knows that eating loads of fast food, sugar, salt, saturated fat and processed foods is bad for your health and that limiting your intake of these things is necessary to avoid lifestyle diseases. And we’re not just talking about obesity, overweight and diabetes here. What about cardiovascular disease? How many people die from heart attacks or strokes every year?


To support the revolution I have signed up on the website and today I will make vegetarian chickpea curry (picture above!) for lunch, which is one of the recipes that Jamie has shared with the world because of the revolution and to make us eat healthier. There are ten recipes created just for the Food Revolution and you can find them here. Jamie went live on Facebook the other day as well (May 18) and he made the curry I’m going to make later. As you can see if you open the link with the recipe it’s actually made with lamb shoulder, but during his live video he said that you can substitute the lamb with any vegetable, so I’ll be making it with zucchini because I have some left from last week. Not wasting anything here!

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I hope you’ll sign up or at least try to make an effort by making some healthy, balanced meals today. Have a good one, people!

– Guro

Source: http://www.jamiesfoodrevolution.org/

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