Norway day in São Paulo

Today, May 17, is Norway’s constitution day which means Norwegians drink champagne at 9 am, eat like they’ve been starving for a month, have fun with friends and family, watch the children’s parade and wear their nicest clothes, which for some people is the national costume bunad. It’s the greatest and happiest day of the year, at least for me, and this year I spent it very far away from everything I know, but it was a good day as well.

My boyfriend decided to take the day off so I wouldn’t spend the day alone and we started the day with a BIG breakfast like it should be on the 17th of May. He even went to the bakery close to our house to get cakes because I had told him that we eat a lot and especially cakes and ice cream on this day in Norway. He’s so sweet 🙂


After breakfast we headed to the old city centre because I wanted to show my boyfriend the view from the super tall Martinelli building that I went to with some friends some weeks ago. He hadn’t been up there in many years and as it’s only open during day time we decided today would be a good day to go. When we arrived there it was closed for lunch, so we had a beer in a boteco nearby. A boteco is like a pub and the one we went to was very old and traditional and had beer bottles hanging from the roof, it was so cool! We didn’t like the menu though, so after our beer we went to another restaurant we had found on TripAdvisor. It’s called Rinconcito Peruano and it’s a peruvian restaurant about a 10 minutes walk from São Bento (centro/old city centre). The neighbourhood is very shabby, but the food was delicious and the prices were great, so it clearly compensates. We had ceviche with salmon and rice with seafood (almost like a paella, but shhh, don’t tell the Spanish!) and we also shared a jug of chicha which is a very sweet drink made of corn. We thought it had alcohol, but sadly it didn’t. Maybe it’s a good thing after all…

After lunch we went back to the Martinelli building and got right in. Didn’t have to wait in line or anything! Just look at this amazing view:





It’s so great up there. It both amazes and scares me that the city is so extremely enormous. 12 million people inside the city borders and 20 million in the metropolitan area, that’s just insane!

The Martinelli building is right next to a traditional Portuguese pastry shop, Casa Matilde, that I’ve been wanting to show my boyfriend for weeks. Finally we had the chance and it was the perfect day as the constitution day is also a eat-all-the-cake-you-want day. We ordered four different pastries and enjoyed them with a cappuccino:








The cakes were amazing and the company as well 😉 We were starting to get tired so we got on the metro, but had to pass by the mall to pick up my new contacts and then we also had another beer, this time by the food trucks where we used to eat all the time when we first moved here. It’s actually a food truck park and the food trucks change all the time except from the beer truck which is always the same. They have many different bottled craft beers from all over the world, but also at least two beers on tap. We ended the day sipping on our wheat beers while watching people and cars stressing by and thinking that we were the only ones celebrating Norway’s constitution day here today.

A good day. Thank you, Ramon.

– Guro

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