Independence in Ipiranga

This has been a perfect Sunday. I woke up around 8.30 because my boyfriend was up and walking around. What? I always wake up first! We stayed in bed reading the news and going through social media for about an hour before I got up and started making breakfast. Two hours later we were on our way to Ipiranga and the Independence Park. It might be fall and «cold» in São Paulo, but today was so sunny and I wasn’t cold at all walking around in jeans and a t-shirt 🙂

The park is called the Independence Park because Brazil was declared independent right here in Ipiranga in 1822 by the emperor Dom Pedro I. As you might now Brazil was a Portuguese colony (not Spanish!), but after 300 years they’d had enough and the Portuguese lost an enormous piece of land. In the Independence Park there’s also an art museum, Museu Paulista, known as Museu do Ipiranga by most locals, where you can see a very famous painting called Independência ou Morte! which means «Independence or death!» and is painted by Pedro Américo. It shows the moment when Dom Pedro I declared Brazil’s independence, better known as Grito do Ipiranga or «the Cry of Ipiranga». Unfortunately the musem has been closed for renovation since August 2013 and will not open until the commemoration of Brazil’s bicentenary in 2022. Another reason for staying here, hehe…

Even though the museum is closed the park is absolutely worth a visit especially as the museum is stunning from the outside as it used to be one of the royal palaces from when the Portuguese royal family was living in Brazil because Napoleon had invaded Portugal (I’m so happy for those Latin American history classes now!). Have a look at the park here:











We walked around for a little while and I took some photos before we decided we’d have lunch nearby. At first we didn’t find anything, but then we started walking towards a restaurant we had seen on TripAdvisor (yes, you can use TripAdvisor in your own city, haha) and before getting there we passed by a restaurant my boyfriend had eaten at many years ago and we decided to stay there even though there was a huge line of people waiting for a table. Something about staying in the sun and drinking a cold beer waiting for a restaurant you know is good instead of walking and sweating in the sun to get to a restaurant that you know nothing about. Sorry, TripAdvisor. Next time.

We had Portuguese cod fish and both beer and wine, so you can say lunch was pretty great! My boyfriend and I actually met in Portugal when we were both doing an exchange there, so Portugal and everything Portuguese, especially food, will always be important and special to us. We still have some Portuguese wines occasionally, but as everything imported here in Brazil is extremely expensive our wallets won’t allow it too often, hehe 😉 After lunch we found a bus that took us home super fast and easy and now we’re just relaxing and will do that for the rest of the night.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and for those of you that have tomorrow off as well, enjoy it and relax as much as you can before we all go back to reality on Tuesday. That is, I won’t because we’re having a strike at my university and the student association has taken over the building where I have classes, so who knows when reality will kick in again here?! At least I’ll have time to update you guys more often 🙂 Until next time!

– Guro

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