The road and the house

Last weekend we decided to go away as it was a long weekend and my boyfriend has Mondays off as well, so it was a perfect opportunity to travel a little further than we normally would on a regular weekend. Thursday was Tiradentes’ day and after a mini history lesson I have now learned that Tiradentes («teethpuller») was not only a dentist, but also one of the first to stand up to the Portuguese crown when Brazil was a Portuguese colony. Friday was off because going back to classes after having Thursday off isn’t cool, so we got to travel for five days!


On the highway between SP and Rio (BR-116)

We went to Paraty, an old colonial town in the south of the state of Rio de Janeiro, about 6 hours from São Paulo by car. Early Thursday morning we started our trip and with a national holiday like Tiradentes we experienced some traffic and some extremely slow parts, but it took us 7 hours (including breaks) to get to Paraty which isn’t that bad. In comparison it took us 5,5 hours on the way back on Monday, but then everyone had gone back home the day before as most people don’t have Mondays off, hehe 🙂 Lucky students…


I saw how this scene could make a great photo very randomly and hurried to shoot before it was too late. I love the contrast between the orange Beetle, the green trees and the blue sky.

The trip went great with about 4-5 hours on the highway that connects São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro and then 2 hours on a smaller highway down to the coast. The latter was kind of scary at times as there was hardly anyone on the road and people driving there knew that, and therefore they were driving in the middle of the road the entire time not expecting any lost tourist. The road standard wasn’t the best either, so we were very happy when we finally arrived in Paraty. Lunch was the first thing on our minds after 7 hours in the car with only shitty food (we could have taken some real food, but we were too lazy #sorrynotsorry), so we asked the guy at the parking which was the best restaurant nearby and he gave us a name. Surprisingly (I mean, when you ask people they usually give you the name of their friend’s restaurant and not necessarily the best one)  we had an amazing lunch with fresh white fish (can’t remember which one) covered in shrimp sauce before going up the hills to the small house we had rented on Airbnb.


My boyfriend outside the house we rented.

We rented the house about 3 weeks before going to Paraty. It was far from the city centre (about 10 kms), but as we have a car that wasn’t a problem. Of course it would have been nice and more practical to stay in a place closer to the centre, but we wanted some peace and quiet and we also wanted to be close to a river. We didn’t even have a signal up there, which means no internet, but that made it even better! The house had a TV though, which we don’t have at home here in São Paulo, so it was a great change. After five days there I have to admit it would be nice to have a TV at home just to watch the news and cooking shows like MasterChef and Bela Cozinha (will tell you more about that later!), hehe 🙂 We also got to watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and a small part of the first Harry Potter movie. So great!


The jungle behind the house.

Ok, sorry about my excitement for a simple TV, but when you’re not used to certain things it seems so amazing, haha! The house also had a well-equipped kitchen, two bedrooms with double beds, a modern bathroom, a living room with a sofa and a dining area and a terrace with a hammock. The river was about 300 meters away and it took us less than 5 minutes to go there. The owner showed us three different places that were nice for swimming and relaxing and we went there twice. There were almost no other people there and if there was someone in one of the spots we just went to the next one. If you plan on going to Paraty we absolutely recommend this place or, if it’s already taken, to look for something else on Airbnb because the pousadas (B&Bs) in Paraty are quite expensive for their seemingly low standards. If you’re willing to pay a little more I think there are some nice places though 🙂


Above the house.

There will be more photos coming up soon, I just have to sort through them all first. I hope you enjoyed my post and that you’ll come back for more photos soon! Have a wonderful Sunday!

– Guro

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