Good morning, everyone!

Right now I’m at university for the last time this week because tomorrow is Tiradentes and Friday is also off. Tiradentes was a person and if I don’t remember wrong he was a dentist because his name means «someone who pulls out teeth», but he had a significant role in something historical that I will tell you about in a later post when I’ve read about it, hehe 🙂 As we have these two extra days off this weekend and my boyfriend has Mondays off, we decided to go to Paraty from Thursday to Monday. Paraty is a national park between São Paulo and Rio, but it’s about 5-6 hours from São Paulo by car and only 2 from Rio. We are leaving tomorrow around 6-7 am to avoid traffic and to get to Paraty before lunch and before the heat gets to bad. For the last couple of weeks São Paulo has been extremely warm, almost like when I got here during the summer/in January. The difference between then and now is that in summer it rains every afternoon, but now it’s as dry as a desert here. I don’t know what’s worse, humid heat or dry heat, but every time I experienxe one of them I swear that one is the worst, haha! Paraty is further north than São Paulo which means it’s closer to equator and therefore warmer, but at least it’s close to the sea and there are  rivers, natural pools and waterfalls where you can swim as well.


Tchau for a couple of days, university!

It’s gonna be so great to escape from this concrete jungle and to relax for a couple of days. I’ll try to update snapchat and Instagram, but the blog will probably stay dead until Tuesday. Next week I’ll also share with you the amazing vegetable lasagne that we made on Sunday. After having the first bite I was 100% sure that no people need meat in their lives.

Have a great weekend, everyone. I know I will!

– Guro

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