Bom dia, everyone! Good morning!

Another week has come to and end and this has been a really good week for me. Last week I didn’t feel very good, neither physically nor mentally, so it’s nice to be back to normal, or even normal plus, haha! I started feeling sick last Sunday and I stayed in bed for five days. Thankfully I didn’t have syntax classes that week, so I only missed the other subjects, but that was more than enough for the little (big) nerd inside me. I tried to go to class on Tuesday, but after 45 minutes I was sweating so much (fever) and felt terrible because of my extremely runny and stuffy nose. I don’t know if a runny and stuffy nose can happen at the same time, but it felt that way, haha 🙂 I also felt very lonely last week because I haven’t made any good friends here yet, but this week I feel better. I guess that staying at home alone for hours makes you overthink things…


Paulista Avenue on Monday on my way to the gym 🙂

Back to this week! It’s been a great week because of many small things. Let’s have a look:

  • I understand X-bar theory now! For those of you who have had syntax classes know how hard it is at first, but now it seems easier and somehow understandable.
  • I went to the gym three times and I feel stronger and in better shape than when I started three weeks ago. My gym also has cold water (our kitchen at home doesn’t…) and a big digital clock on the wall so that I can take 30 seconds breaks between sets more easily.
  • We bought a blender last weekend so I’ve made smoothies almost everyday since then. I made a pineapple one with mint leaves and spinach a couple of times, on Friday I made one with banana, peanuts, milk and spinach and yesterday I made one with mango, pineapple, banana and freshly squeezed orange juice (the recipe for the last one was found on this Norwegian blog). Smoothies and natural juices made like this are so healthy and delicious. Maybe it seems strange to add spinach to everything, but apart from the amazing color you won’t even notice it’s there and it’s so nutritious!


Smoothie made of peanuts (not salted), bananas, milk and spinach

  • I made a new friend! On Tuesday I got up earlier than usual to get to uni before my class to pick up my student transportation card that I had asked for before Easter, but when I got there the office was closed because of some student association that wanted better rights (it’s a good thing, but now I can’t get the card that I’ve been waiting for forever). There was another girl there and she asked me if I spoke English and if I could translate what the banners were saying because they were in Portuguese and she was South African. Long story short, I have a new friend and we don’t have our bus cards so we keep wasting too much money on public transportation…
  • I worked very hard with some phonology exercises that we had to do for Thursday and when I arrived in class the professor said that we had two or three more weeks to do them and he almost gave us all the answers during that class… I’m definitely a little (very?) lost here even though I’ve been here for three months, haha! At least now I’ve done most of the exercises right already and can focus on other subjects for a couple of weeks.
  • On Friday I met my boyfriend in the city centre and we went to this mall with many outlet stores. I bought some new Nikes for the gym, two sports bras and a new pair of havaianas (it’s always necessary… I’m living in Brazil after all). The Nikes had a 30% discount and the sports bras almost 50%! Havaianas are cheap as usual, this pair was 40 reais which is about 100 Norwegian kroner or 10-11 euros.
  • Yesterday I went to an English school to talk about Norway! They sent me an example presentation that I filled out with information about Norway (in English) and then I had to do it twice, the first time in English for the advanced level classes and then in English and Portuguese for the basic level classes. It was a great experience and I think it’s nice to show people here that other countries are quite different from Brazil, especially Norway as we have much less social unequality and a good welfare state.


The view from the English school in Capão Redondo

  • I’ve made lots of delicious meals this week and I even made fried fish for the first time! It wasn’t as hard or scary as I thought and I didn’t get hot oil all over myself. Score! Now it’s time to make The Ultimate Vegetable Lasagna that I found on Jamie Oliver’s website. I think it’s gonna be A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.


Vegetarian food isn’t necessarily boring!

So, these were the small things that made me happy this week. Of course there are some other obvious things that make me happy every day, like the sun, my boyfriend, eating well and understanding my professors’ jokes in Portuguese during the classes…


São Paulo’s cathedral that we passed by on Friday while doing some shopping

Have a nice Sunday and try to relax and prepare for a new week! I will eat this great lasagna, study, go for a walk in the park and fill up our fridge with delicious food to start the week off right 😉

– Guro

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