Weekly Photo Challenge: Landscape

Good morning, world!

I’m still sick and in bed, which gives me more time to focus on my blog, hehe! Yesterday I rediscovered WordPress’ Weekly photo challenge and my photos from last week’s visit to the Martinelli building here in São Paulo are perfect for this week’s challenge. The theme for this week is landscape and it can be both from nature or an urban setting, so it couldn’t be better for me.

The Martinelli building is one of a couple of very tall buildings in the city centre of São Paulo where visitors are welcome during the day on weekdays. I went there last week with some friends and we got a whole new perspective on this monster city. If it was in a positive or negative way I can’t say. When you see it from above it seems so much more than the neighbourhoods we usually see because we’re locked in our routines. The place where we live, the place where we study and the place where we usually go out to eat, drink, relax etc. I guess it was good to see that it’s more to this city than the things I already know, but at the same time it’s overwhelming. I already tried to express that to some friends: Even though you get to know a new place in São Paulo you will never be close to knowing everything. I can’t decide if that’s positive or negative either. Of course it’s cool to be able to see new things every day for the rest of your life, but at the same time it’s a good feeling to feel that you know the city where you live well, isn’t it?

Enough with the babbling, here’s my photo:


– Guro

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