Where to eat in SP: Na Garagem

As some of you might have guessed Na Garagem has something to do with a garage. It actually means «in the garage» and a garage is exactly what this small hamburger place looks like:



This is one of the cosiest places I’ve been in my life, at least the cosiest restaurant I’ve been to. It’s really small, but as you can see it has about 6 seats outside, 3-4 inside (hard to see and believe, I know) and then there’s this amazing space out on the street right next to the restaurant. The municipal government of São Paulo turned a parking spot in the street into an urban garden with seats. Look at this beauty:




Our meal started here by the herb garden eating our rosemary fried potatoes and drinking artisanal Brazilian IPA while waiting for our vegetarian burgers to be ready. After a little while we decided to move to the seats closer to the restaurant to eat more comfortably. Our burgers took about 10 minutes and we enjoyed snacking on the potatoes before the burgers. Usually you get burgers and fries at the same time, but if you’re really hungry it’s a great idea to get the fries first!




As we’re both pescetarians (vegetarians who eat fish) we ordered the vegetarian burger with lettuce, tomato, cheese, bread and a patty made of brown rice, black beans, fried okra, spring onion and cilantro.  We liked it, but we’ve also tasted better vegetarian burgers, but they’ve been fried. I would definitely go back, mainly because of the great environment, wonderful fries and my favorite beer, but also because this might be one of the healthiest hamburgers I’ve ever eaten. Next time I’ll order wholemeal bread and the sauce that we, for some stupid reason, forgot all about (sauce is life, of course!).

The hamburger with meat is very good according to people’s comments on TripAdvisor and in a video made by the restaurant itself they say that they receive the meat and then prepare it entirely themselves, so I guess those are good indicators, right? You can see the video on their facebook page (link below).


  • Rosemary fried potatoes: 9 reais
  • Vegetarian hamburger: 23 reais
  • Artisanal beer*, 600 ml: 25 reais

Basic information:

  • Address: Rua Benjamim Egas 301, Pinheiros, São Paulo.
  • Closest metro station: Fradique Coutinho and Faria Lima are both about 10 minutes away by foot.
  • Opening hours: Monday-Wednesday 12.00-22.00, Thursday-Saturday 12.00-23.00 and Sunday 13.00-22.00 (updated April 4, 2016).
  • Facebook page


– Guro


*= Na Garagem offers 2-3 different artisanal beers and the one we had was Cervejaria Nacional’s IPA Mula.

3 kommentarer om “Where to eat in SP: Na Garagem

  1. This..what Sao Palo has done with a parking lot and a garage…I like it. Our city is looking to rejuvenate itself and I see things like this and I think YES, this is how to do it with little waste of resources and little money.


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