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Hello, Monday!

Today started out the worst way: waking up with a sore throat. I was really looking forward to going to the gym, but I’ll have to stay at home instead. Thankfully my syntax professor cancelled this week’s classes, so I can stay in bed today and focus on getting better. And I can write on the blog, hehe! On Thursday I went to the historic centre again with some friends and we went to the Martinelli building, one of the very tall buildings where you can see the whole city. Of course you will never be able to see the whole city (11 million inhabitants, remember?), but at least you can see that there’s nothing but buildings everywhere. Let’s have a look:


Praça Antônio Prado, the square outside the Martinelli building












Going to places like this always makes me feel like an ant. It makes me wake up from my own little reality where everything is about me and my closest family and friends. It’s nice to get a new perspective every once in a while, isn’t it? And isn’t it amazing how big this city is? I don’t think I fully understand it yet. There’s literally nothing but buildings here. And I can assure you that that makes you really want to leave the city. Whenever we are in places without tall buildings I feel like it’s easier to breath, that we’re not locked inside something and that life is simpler.

Watching all the working ants here in São Paulo taking the metro every day and being something close to robots makes me understand what I don’t want in my life. My dream right now is to become a freelancer and if I’ll ever have an office it has to be in or close to my home. I want to be surrounded by plants and to enjoy my meals outside. I want to breathe fresh and clean air every day and to eat fresh and locally grown produce. Where’s my kitchen garden and my free range chickens at? Haha, what a beautiful reality!

Even though São Paulo has everything you can imagine (for example: entire malls with things for pets only), living in a huge city like this can be quite stressful and after almost 3 months here, I already feel that living like this isn’t something I would want for the rest of my life. For now it’s ok, but further ahead I would really like a change of scenery. Oh, well.

Make this week a great one, everyone! Don’t let great opportunities get away and give yourself some time to do nothing! And learn to say no!

– Guro

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