When reality hits you in the face

Is it just me or did reality hit harder after this holiday than any other holiday ever? Yesterday was my first day of classes after Easter and I got up early, took a shower, had breakfast and when I was about to walk out the door I lost all the motivation I had. It wasn’t exactly a lot of motivation, I had been complaining to my boyfriend about going back to university since Sunday morning, but I lost it. And I didn’t go. I hate missing classes and I feel really bad when I do, but I couldn’t make it. I stayed home and studied, so it wasn’t that bad, but I can’t understand how I’m this demotivated for studying right now. I just had a ten day break, for crying out loud!


Rainy São Paulo today.

Today I finally got myself together and went to class. It wasn’t that bad, but I was waiting for it to end the whole time. I took my notes and left when the professor said the class was over. Then I went to the bus stop and waited about 40 minutes for the shuttle bus to the metro station. I will definitely start taking another bus because waiting for that crowded, sweaty bus is just not an option anymore!!! I’m so angry with that bus, you have no idea.

When I finally came home (1,5 hours after my class finished… Welcome to São Paulo.) my boyfriend made me lunch and since then we’ve just been relaxing and studying. I really wanted to go to the gym, but as I went for the first time in three months yesterday I’m so sore that I can hardly go to the bathroom, so I think we’ll just go for a walk. Tomorrow will be better! Or not, as the second day after exercise is the worst when it comes to soreness…



Sorry for all my complaining, but today is really not my best day. But I have something positive to say as well! Look at our plants! We planted some seeds shortly after our arrival in January and look how big they’ve gotten. The one in the middle is basil and the one to the right is a sunflower. The one to the left is a mystery because we lost the sticker we made for it and we don’t really know anything about plants. Does anyone know what it is?



Haha, I really wanted to publish the photo above to show you that living in Brazil is pretty normal. I have to do my dishes as well, you know… Some of you keep requesting photos of the apartment and I promise that I will show you more as soon as it looks like a home in here. I hope to show you the living room by the end of the week!

– Guro

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