Embu das artes, dos doces, das cervejas, dos sorrisos

On Saturday we woke up and had a really slow morning, just like Easter holiday is supposed to be. We talked about going to the zoo, the botanical garden, an art museum or a famous park that I haven’t been to yet, but then my boyfriend came up with the great idea of going to Embu das Artes, a small village not far from São Paulo that’s famous for its artisanal products, especially those made of wood. As we’re still looking for things for our apartment I thought it was the best idea; we would see a new place, but also get something for our home! Look at this wonderful place:





This is just one of the many charming small restaurants in Embu das Artes. Unfortunately we had eaten right before leaving the city, but next time we’ll definitely have lunch there!


These are decorative trees made of different kinds of dried spices, seeds, grains and stones. I want to take one home next time when the apartment is better organized!







So many dreamcatchers!


Hibiscus, one of my favorite flowers!


After walking around we had a beer and just relaxed and talked for a while with our friends who had come with us, Claudiana and Adilma. They live on our way to Embu das Artes, so we decided to pick them up and then go there together. We had a great afternoon in the little village and I can’t wait to go back to buy more things, haha! That sounds terribly materialistic, but we still haven’t bought many things for the apartment and we prefer buying things made of nice wood instead of plastic or whatever things in the stores here in the city are made of. We also want our apartment to have a different style than many others 🙂

Today is first day of classes after Easter and I don’t think I’m ready for that yet, haha! But I have to go, so I’ll update you later this week. Thanks for reading and have a nice start of the week, everyone!

– Guro

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