A church-and-beach kind of day

The weather started getting worse during our third day on Ilhabela, but we found ways to entertain ourselves anyway. First we went to the historic centre of the island which is called Vila. It wasn’t very big, I think it took us about 15 minutes to see the church and the shops there, but if you think about the population on the island it makes sense (about 32 000 according to the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics). Let me show you some parts of it:










After a quick walk around the centre we jumped on a bus to get even further north (we had already taken one from Praia do Perequê, where our hostel was, to the centre) to see a famous beach called Pedra do Sino. The beach has its name from the sound the wind makes when passing through the stones there. Sino means bell and when we went there and knocked on the stones with a hammer it sounded exactly like a bell! I don’t know what kind of stone it was, but it was very interesting and impressive. Let’s have a look:






Isn’t it beautiful? Ilhabela has such wonderful nature and it’s truly a tropical paradise. If you want to see more you can check out my other posts from the island here and here. I was a little afraid that going back to São Paulo would be very disappointing after visiting Ilhabela, but it felt good to be back and I felt at home. On Thursday I woke up early and just stayed at home relaxing until my boyfriend came home around 5 pm and on Friday we went to his family’s house to have Easter lunch and stay there the whole day. Easter here is quite different from home (Norway), but the importance of family is pretty much the same. Both in Norway and here you stay with family or at least have a big meal together. My boyfriend’s family has also been to church several times since last Sunday (Palm Sunday).

Yesterday we went to an amazing little village outside the city, but I will tell and show you more from there in my next post. I hope you’re all enjoying these days off and get to relax and spend time with family and friends. Happy Easter! And stay tuned for more posts here on the blog!

– Guro

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