Easter holiday!

Olá, everyone, and happy Easter!

I was so ready for some time off when last Friday arrived and until now it’s been a great vacation. On Saturday we got up early, had a nice breakfast and went out to do some shopping for my trip. We also had lunch at the food trucks and my pad thai with shrimp was so good! And my pineapple juice with fresh mint leaves was pretty ok as well:


Later we went home and just relaxed until Ramon started making dinner. He made baked salmon with mashed mandioquinha and sauteed sugar snaps with peanuts. And of course we had some craft beer as we do every weekend! This time we had an Argentinian wheat beer and I think the brewery was Patagonia (if you’re interested). Look at this perfection (I know you’re jealous, haha!):


As you can see my Easter holiday started off the best way possible and on Sunday I went on a trip with two friends, Jasmine and Charlotte, who are exchange students here as well. We went to Ilhabela which is an island outside São Paulos coast. First we had to take a bus to São Sebastião and then a ferry to the island. The bus ride was about four hours and the ferry took about 15 minutes I think. We had heard from other people that Ilhabela is very crowded during weekends and holidays, but as we decided to travel during the first part of our Easter holiday there wasn’t a lot of people because most people don’t have these days off.

The first day we arrived quite late and we were so sweaty after the bus and ferry ride and then walking from the ferry to the hostel, so we had to take a shower before starting to explore. We were also starving, so we went to the first restaurant close to the beach and had a really good lunch there. I even had a brigadeiro for dessert! Brigadeiro is one of many amazing Brazilian sweets and it’s made of condensed milk, butter and cocoa powder. Later we took a  walk by the beach and sat down to see the sunset before going back to the hostel. I had my camera with me of course and here’s a first taste of Ilhabela:









The sunset was so beautiful and it was a nice end to an exhausting day. Travelling really exhausts you, have you noticed? Even though you’re just seated the whole day it takes some energy. Later that evening we went out to have some drinks and snacks and in true Brazilian holiday style we had caipirinhas, but also some bolinhas de bacalhau (small «meatballs» made of fried cod fish) and houmus with pita bread. A great day!

I still have lots of photos from the other days we spent there, but I’ll show them in my next post and maybe I’ll make a small Ilhabela travel guide as well! Happy Easter, everyone, wherever you spend it!

– Guro

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