Today on my way to university I had a moment of total happiness. I was in the metro station switching from the green to the yellow line with a couple of thousand other people, but the metro wasn’t as full as normal and for the first time in a while it felt ok. As I was walking there with all the other people I felt like I was home. I felt happy with my life, with its advantages and its downsides. This is the first time in a very long time that I feel like I belong. And that feels great.

My life here isn’t something you would call extraordinary. For many people living in Brazil is a dream, but that’s only because, for them, living in Brazil means laying on the beach all day sipping caipirinhas. For me living in Brazil involves classes every day, trying to beat traffic to get to university on time, doing laundry, getting groceries, running in the park nearby a couple of times a week, studying, watching series on Netflix, passing time with my boyfriend and friends and sleeping. Maybe not so different from your life? Of course I have the benefit of not having to put on tons of clothes before walking out the door and getting a beer isn’t a near death experience for my bank account (hello, Norwegians!), but I can get stuck anywhere because of rain so heavy that an umbrella won’t make any difference and I have to share the metro with 4 million people everyday…

As I said, my life isn’t that different from yours, just take a look:


Brazilian literature class


Graffiti close to where we live


Our neighbourhood’s church, the church of Paraíso


Homemade strawberry ice cream with condensed milk (if you ever have the chance, ask an Brazilian/Latin American about the importance of condensed milk)


The Paulista Avenue is closed for cars on Sundays, so we went for a walk there


The metro today when I felt happy!

If you want to follow my everyday more closely add me on snapchat: guronygaard. I will try to make posts like these more often and try to take photos of everyday stuff for you to see that being an exchange student and living in Brazil is not necessarily a 6 or 12 month vacation! I study and live a pretty normal life even though my surroundings have changed.

I wish you all a great afternoon and evening, and for all my fellow women out there: feliz dia da mulher!

– Guro

2 kommentarer om “Happiness!

  1. Olá Guro!
    Foto interessante a do graffiti.
    Queria aproveitar para te pedir algumas sugestões: de há um tempo par cá tenho procurado ler mais literatura brasileira, mas é sempre difícil filtrar as potenciais leituras a partir da imensidão do mundo da internet; tendo tu aulas de literatura brasileira, das tuas leituras o que recomendarias? E que coisas se têm feito por aí no século XXI na área da poesia?
    Continuação de uma feliz estadia!


    • Olá, Micael. Obrigada por deixar um comentário aqui. É mesmo difícil encontrar. Até agora estudamos apenas o Manuel Bandeira, mas depois vamos estudar Mario de Andrade, Carlos Drummond e Oswald de Andrade. Sorte com as leituras! Um abraço


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