Best of São Paulo: Liberdade!

Good morning, people!

On Saturday I had the best day here in São Paulo so far! My friend Melissa from Chile is studying in Campinas, a two-hour drive from here, and she came to visit us and to get to know the city this weekend. We started the day with a great paulistano breakfast, coffee and toasted bread with butter, before heading to the Liberdade neighbourhood. The breakfast probably seems completely normal, but here they put butter on the bread and then puts it with the buttered side down in a frying pan over high heat and that makes the toast so amazing and crunchy! You have to try it! Or just come to visit…

The Liberdade neighbourhood was originally a Japanese neighbourhood (São Paulo is the city where most Japanese people live outside Japan), but with time it’s changed and many Coreans and Chinese have come to live there as well, so now it’s better known as an Oriental neighbourhood. When getting off the metro we chose the Praça da Liberdade (the Liberdade square) exit and the first thing we saw was a big market with lots of different things. And we’re not talking about the markets with the fake Gucci and Prada bags, but a market for everything a normal person would need, like kitchen utensils, lamps, home decoration, clothes, plants etc. I really enjoyed it and we saw some things we would like to buy later for this exciting project we have going on in the apartment. I will tell you more and show you later when everything is ready! Let’s take a look at some photos from the market:








Fresh bamboo!


Fresh soy! Never seen that before!


There’s one amazing thing about this photo that most of you probably wouldn’t think of. They have mushrooms! Mushrooms aren’t very common here in São Paulo (or in Brazil at all?) and when we find them they’re usually extremely expensive. Both my boyfriend and I love mushrooms, so this made us really happy!  Have to check the price next time though…


Notice the Oriental street lights? So cool and different!

A little further down one of the streets we found an amazing place called Jardim Oriental which looks just like that, an oriental garden, at first, but when you go further inside there are food stands. They have all kinds of temaki and sushi, but also fried everything, even fried ice cream! And natural juices (heart). Let’s have a look:


Meli in the Oriental Garden (Jardim Oriental)





Ramon and I shared some fried vegetables with shrimp, mmmm, so good!


The food stands! And look at the watermelons in the lower left corner, haha, gotta love Brazil!




After visiting the Oriental neighbourhood we went to the cathedral, a really nice museum and a crazy shopping street, but this post has gotten so long that I’ll write another post for the rest! I hope you enjoyed the post and I’ll try to write again as soon as possible. I have so many beautiful and interesting photos to show you guys, but school and a cold steal all my energy these days. I hope I’ll get better soon…

I wish you all a wonderful day (Friday, yaaay!) and a great weekend!

– Guro

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