Welcome to antiques market paradise!

Hello, everyone!

It’s been more than a week since my last post, ops! I think that’s way too much, so I will be better, I promise. This last week we’ve been moving and trying to fix everything that comes with a new home, like buying a stove and a fridge, but also getting internet, getting people to fix the stove so that it can be used in an apartment (gas problems, long story) and getting people to reinstall the gas meter that the owner aparently asked to get uninstalled. Not annoying at all… #norwegianirony

Anyways, before all this started, last weekend, we went to a very popular antiques market in the Pinheiros neighbourhood, Feira Benedito CalixtoFeira means market and Benedito Calixto is the guy that the square where the market takes place has its name after, Praça Benedito Calixto. It’s an antiques market, but sometimes it seemed more like a flee market to me, but maybe that’s just me being ignorant and knowing nothing about antiques… (hehe, that’s more than probable!). As usual I brought my camera and took some pictures for you guys:














What do you think? I thought it was cool to walk around and watch everything (including the people), but I found the old cameras and old writing machines the most interesting there. I didn’t buy anything, but I think we’ll go back when we’ve settled into our new home. There are also some vintage stores in the city centre that sells home decorations and also some furniture that we would like to check out to make our apartment a little different from everyone else’s. It’s so exciting! Even though we don’t have a fridge yet, which makes us a little crazy, but it’ll arrive soon and everything will be fine.

This weekend a friend of mine from Chile is coming to stay with us, so we’ll probably do loads of sightseeing. That is, if the rain doesn’t get us. I checked the weather forecast this morning and it said it was going to rain all weeekend… But we’ll make the best of it! There are plenty of things to see outdoors AND indoors in this enormous city, so stay tuned for more posts, maybe on Sunday, maybe on Monday.

Have a super duper great weekend, everyone!

– Guro


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