Vacation forever

Hello, everyone!

I decided to write a personal post today because I feel that I’ve only shown you photos lately and that I haven’t talked about my life at all. If I remember right this blog was supposed to be about my life while living abroad. Of course showing you photos of beautiful places is part of that, but I guess that at least some of you that know me in real life would like to know how I’m doing and how everything is going.


My mother-in-law’s birds!

Since I arrived here on January 16 it’s been 25 days. These 25 days have been mostly relaxed. The only thing I had to do was to register in the federal police office. I started my registration while still in Norway and the only problem I had was scheduling the interview (supposedly you can do it online). We had to go to the federal police twice, the first time to schedule the appointment and the second time for the interview itself. As we are living with my boyfriend’s parents and they live in the far south of São Paulo, it took us about 1,5 hours by car to get to the federal police office. On the day of the interview we had to go by car, train and metro because we forgot that my boyfriend’s car can’t be used in the city centre on Tuesdays because of this thing called rodizio.

Rodizio is a system which decides which cars can be used in the city centre on which days. I assume there’s a proper word for this in English, but I have no idea what it is. Here in São Paulo it depends on the last number on your car’s number plate. On Mondays cars with number plates ending with 1 and 2 can’t be used inside the city centre, on Tuesdays cars with number plates ending with 3 and 4 can’t enter etc. As you might have guessed, the point of the rodizio is controlling the number of vehicles being in the city centre at the same time and by that reducing traffic and traffic jams. Oh, that reminded me of something cool! They’ve actually created an app that helps you find the fastest route to wherever you’re going, including traffic! How amazing is that? I’ll write about it later when I’ve learned more.

When we finally arrived at the police office after going by car, train and metro for 2,5 hours I had to wait in line for quite some time, but it was ok because we were 20 minutes late and they still let me enter (thank you so much!). Imagine having to come back another day and do that «traveling» all over again. I always say that we are «traveling» to the city centre here because it’s at least 1 hour away and for a poor Norwegian that’s traveling, haha! We can go to Sweden in only 1,5 hours… Perspective, people!

Everything went fine at the police office and I experienced my first of many blackouts here in Brazil! By that time I was in another line, this time for getting my photo and my fingerprints taken, and we had already heard the heavy rain starting outside. It was actually so heavy that they had to close the doors because the rain was entering the building! Summer in São Paulo means rain everyday, and not just a light drizzle, but extremely heavy rain and thunderstorms. That’s also why the light has gone out many times since I got here. Trees fall down on the power lines, power poles fall down because of people driving without seeing because of the rain etc. At least that means that people come together and talk without staring on their phones all the time. Oh, joy!


Oh, them powerlines…

Apart from the registration at the police office I haven’t had any other things to do, so I’m starting to get bored (my Christmas holiday has lasted for over two months now). Of course we’ve been doing some things, like visiting some parks and the Avenida Paulista, but my boyfriend works twice a week (that’s nothing, I know) and going to the city alone and without a car isn’t that easy. At least internet can entertain you forever and I have a lot of time to write on the blog etc! And, like I wrote in my last post, we are hopefully moving into the city by the end of this week or the next, so everything will be easier from then on.

I almost forgot to tell you about one super nice thing I’ve done here! As the climate here is so much warmer and more humid than in Norway I thought it would be an amazing idea to grow something. You know, planting a seed and watching it grow into something beautiful. So I did! With great help from my boyfriend and my mother-in-law. Take a look at some of our plants:


Basil (homemade pesto, here we come!)


Sunflower (my mother-in-law’s favorite flower)

Life here is very good even though I’m bored. I don’t want you to think that I’m suffering or something. I’m just very ready for classes to begin so that I can feel like I’m doing something with my life, you know? And for moving so that I can go places without feeling like a child that needs to be driven around.

I hope everyone at home (and all over the world) who is reading my blog is fine and that winter isn’t treating you too bad. When school and life starts again I’ll probably write more about my everyday life. Is there anything special you would like to read about?

– Guro

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