Weekly Photo Challenge: Time

This week’s theme for WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge is time. The first thing that came to my mind was, of course, a clock. Preferably one of those old grandfather clocks with a big, swinging pendulum. But then I started thinking about all the time we (at least I, and probably some other perfectionists out there) spend planning our time and I decided I would show you my calendar:

WPC Time

I write and I plan so many things in this calendar and it gives me this strange satisfaction. I guess it has to do with being in control over my own time and how I will spend it. But then again, time passes by so fast and I spend all this time planning it and then it’s suddenly over. It’s like Christmas Eve! You plan and prepare for weeks and in a blink of an eye you’re going to bed, exhausted…

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to quit planning, but at least I can try to be more spontaneous and enjoy every moment instead of freaking out just because my plan failed. Living here in Brazil makes me realize that, because people don’t care about what was the original plan, they just go with whatever happens and whatever seems to be the best solution in every situation. I have to admit that this is quite difficult for someone from a culture where planning and time is so strict and important, but I’m trying to learn and I think I’m starting to enjoy it. Maybe. Soon.

Well, that was my thoughts on time. I hope some other obsessed planners out there can figure out how to let go, at least a little bit, just to be able to enjoy this very little time we have on this planet. Ready, set, go!

– Guro

3 kommentarer om “Weekly Photo Challenge: Time

  1. I found that I often enjoyed the planning of something more than the actual event. That is when I decided to become more spontaneous and throw away my calender. I can’t help using it for doctor’s appointments and such but for my life, I prefer to let it surprise me. 🙂

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