The rotten tree park

With the same size as Hyde Park in London and half the size of Central Park in New York, the Ibirapuera park is one of Latin America’s biggest parks. The park is perfect for biking, jogging, walking and relaxing with friends and family, and it even has several museums and a concert hall. We went there just to walk around and relax and it was so nice, full of families with kids playing around, couples and friends laying on the grass talking, people on bikes everywhere and the weather was so great as well! It was around 35 degrees, but under the trees it was ok, hehe!



The road we had to cross to get to the park. Look at all those lanes!




The São Paulo state flag


A Oca




Auditório Ibirapuera, the concert hall, also designed by Oscar Niemeyer (more about him later!)


O Obelisco – The Obelisk


The other side of the concert hall




Museu Afro Brasil – the Afro Brazilian museum (also desgined by Niemeyer)





Doesn’t it look nice? So many people, so many kids, so many smiling faces, so much sun, so much sweat, haha! I’m really looking forward to spending more time in this huge and beautiful park in the middle of the concrete jungle that São Paulo is. I will try to find more «happy places» in São Paulo to show people that it’s not only concrete and skyskrapers here.

The great news I was talking about in my last post can somehow be related to this park because we are moving into the city and our new home is very close to Ibirapuera! And by close I mean less than 3 kms, or 30 minutes by foot. That’s actually one of the things I was worried about before moving here. Walking. As São Paulo is so huge people rarely walk when they’re going somewhere. Things are usually too far away and right now (in summer) I understand them and I actually prefer going by car so I won’t arrive dripping with sweat. Like the other day when we had to walk 10 minutes from the metro to the federal police and I arrived red faced and sweaty for my registration interview. So great…

Anyways, if everything works out we will be moving into our new apartment by the end of this week or the next, so keep your fingers crossed!

– Guro

PS. Ibirapuera means rotten tree in tupi, the native Brazilian language I plan to learn this year and which has had a big influence on the Portuguese language. So interesting!

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