Weekly Photo Challenge: Vibrant

When I discovered that WordPress’ weekly photo challenge had chosen the theme «vibrant» this week, I knew right away that I would want to post one of the photos I took in the street market a couple of weeks ago. When entering this market all you senses will be activated; you will smell the fresh fruit and veggies, you will see all the wonderful colors and all the funny forms, you will be able to taste all kinds of exotic fruit that the friendly vendors offer and you will hear the vendors shouting out their best prices and offers (and some times some funny jokes for those who actually listen).


I decided to publish my photo of the guavas who were so nicely cut by their vendor that you would really want to buy them, whatever the price, hehe! These colors aren’t something I see everyday and therefore they make me so happy. Colors can boost my mood instantly and I think it’s a well-known fact that our bodies need food in all kinds of colors as well, to give us all the necessary nutrients for them to work properly.

Go colors!

– Guro

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