Saturday’s street market

Here in São Paulo we are living in a neighbourhood about 1 hour from the city centre, depending on traffic. In a city with 12 million inhabitants that’s completely normal and driving for 15 minutes to get to a decent supermarket is just perfect (hello, cultural differences!). But there’s one thing that’s a thousand times better than a good supermarket and that’s a street market with fresh vegetables, fruit and other produce!

We have street markets (street as in the street where cars usually pass, but when they decide to have a market there you just have to find another way to get from A to B) every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday and I LOVE IT! In Norway most «fresh» produce isn’t that fresh and it’s packed in all this unnecessary plastic, but here you just pick whatever you want from the huge stacks and put it in the textile bag you brought from home. Aaah, life is great! Here are some pictures I took on Saturday when we went to buy fruit:







Mini mango






Dragon fruit or pitaya




Whole black pepper


Oranges aren’t orange in Brazil…



Beets (beetroot)




Fresh ginger like you’ve never seen it before!


Call me stupid, but this is so great and amazing to be having 5 minutes from your doorstep three times a week! I think all the Brazilians at the market laught at me behind my back, but I don’t care, haha. Being a «blogger» has its downsides as well… 😉

Another great thing about the market is that is a lot cheaper than the supermarket, which means that my boyfriend (he’s Brazilian) gets mad when I buy things in the supermarket that I could’ve bought in the street market. This week we decided to plan our lunches (lunch is the big, warm meal here, not dinner as in i.e. Norway) so that we didn’t have to buy anything in the supermarket. We planned lunches until Wednesday which is the next market day and we’re sticking to it! Even though you’re living in a country with cheaper cost of living than your home country doesn’t mean you should stop being economic.

Talking about cost of living, Brazil isn’t that cheap after all. It’s one of the most expensive countries in Latin America and I find that some things here are actually more expensive than in Norway. How strange does that sound to you? Examples can be electronics and cosmetics. When I lived in Salvador in 2013 milk cost the same in Norway and Brazil, but now that the Brazilian real has gotten a lot weaker Norwegian milk is 33% more expensive. Just an example of how basic things can be expensive as well…

I hope you learned something new today and that you enjoyed the pictures of all the amazing fruit and greens! Stay tuned for more posts about the real Brazil!

– Guro

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