Terra da garoa

Hey, everyone!

I’m finally here in Brazil and I’ve actually been for a couple of days. Five days, to be exact. We arrived Saturday morning and came straight to my boyfriend’s house. Straight in São Paulo means a one hour drive, haha! Anyway, since we got here we’ve been doing almost nothing because there are so many «invisible» things that you have to do when you move somewhere. We got simcards, tv, internet, scheduled the registration meeting at the police station, unpacked the suitcases etc.

The other day we went to do some sightseeing in the city centre close to Avenida Paulista. We only walked around for a little bit, had some beer, passed by the bank (finally found a bank with ATMs that accept my card, hallelujah!) and visited Latin America’s biggest book store! It was really cloudy that day, so the photos aren’t the best, but here they are:











Both the avenue Avenida Paulista and the bookstore (Livraria Cultura) were really impressing and I think we’ll go back there many, many times. There are lots of things to do and see close to Avenida Paulista, i.e. the São Paulo Art Museum MASP and the hipster neighbourhood Bela Vista.

I’ll try to take more interesting photos from now on, haha! Hope to see you back here soon to learn more about Brazil and see more photos from São Paulo, terra da garoa, land of drizzle. It has literally rained everyday since I got here. That is, if drizzle counts as rain?!

– Guro

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