A church in the sea?!

In October I went back to Porto (where I studied for the first semester of 2015) to see my boyfriend and friends again. My wonderful Portuguese friend, Susana (those of you who read my blog regularly probably recognize her name by now, hehe), invited my boyfriend and me on a road trip to see the famous church in the sea, a Capela do Senhor da Pedra or the Chapel of the Lord of Stone, in Miramar. Miramar is a beach not too far from Porto, just about 15-20 kms further south, and it’s right between Porto and Espinho, another coastal city in the north of Portugal. I took some photos as usual and as the weather wasn’t the best it gave the photos an interesting feeling. The place itself is famous for being magical or mystical, so the weather made it even more magical. Maybe you’ll get a better idea by looking at my photos. Take a look here:












It was very interesting to be there and I think that if you ever have the chance to go there, you should do it, because I haven’t been to many places with the similar magical feeling. And a church which gets flooded by the sea every once in a while is pretty cool, isn’t it?

– Guro

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