«Hei de voltar a Viana»

Meaning «I have to return to Viana», quoted on the statue of a couple dancing outside the train station of Viana do Castelo, a small city in the north of Portugal. I went there with my dear Katoo (my flatmate in Porto) only days before going back to our home countries. We really enjoyed it, so we should actually voltar a Viana, return to Viana, sometime. People might say that it’s too small, but we had a good time and the view from the top of the hill is breathtaking, just take a look at the photos:

















Amazing, isn’t it? I easily fall in love with viewpoints and this wasn’t an exception, haha!

Katoo and I went by train from Porto, having to change trains in Nine. It’s cheap and only takes a couple of hours. When we arrived we had lunch in a Portuguese restaurant recommended by Lonely Planet, O Marquês, and then we started exploring the city centre. The nice decorations in the streets were from the celebration of São João the week before. São João is the biggest party during the year in the north of Portugal, and it’s common to eat traditional food like sardines and grilled peppers before going out on the street and dance until dawn. Anyway, one of the biggest attractions in the city centre was probably the bola de Berlim, a fried pastry with lots of sugar on it, that Viana do Castelo is known for. We had it in the bakery Confeitaria Natário in the city centre and it was delicious! Afterwards we finished the day off with a visit to the hill Monte de Santa Luzia appreciating the view of the river Rio Lima and the city.

Thanks again, Portugal, for everything I experienced and saw while I was there! Muita saudade…

– Guro

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